Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet


Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet. 1.7g carbs.Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet

If you love Prosecco, you’re gonna love this keto recipe. It’s an insanely good dessert that requires zero effort and just a few ingredients. It’s perfect for every occasion, from Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries to a party or get together. Posh or not, any event will end in style with a serving of Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet. In fact, you don’t need an event to have this. What the heck, why wait for a special occasion?

Make it. Freeze it. Have it when you feel like it. There is no guilt and no shame. It is 100% sugar free, ketogenic, grain free, gluten free, lchf, low carb, raw AND….(*drum roll*, please, ’cause this doesn’t happen very often on a keto blog…) VEGAN!


You may wonder why Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet is blue. The very simple answer is that I just didn’t fancy a plain white dessert. Steeping some butterfly pea flowers in liquid makes the most amazing, natural blue colouring you’ll ever see.  The flowers infuse a subtle flavour to the ice cream that is classy and delicate. I absolutely love it. But if you’re happy with white, or you fancy a different colour, there is nothing to stop you. I wouldn’t use chemical food colourings, however. They have a habit of imparting a horrible flavour to raw ingredients. Plus they’re made in a lab. Why would you choose those when there are some excellent, natural colours you can buy? Yes, they may be expensive, but a tiny bit goes a long way, and they can be stored for ages, so just look at it as a health investment.Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet

Here are some options for you:

For the same BLUE/LILAC I obtained, go for desiccated butterfly pea flowers (for U.S. option, click HERE). Just steep them in whatever liquid you’re using until you achieve the desired colour intensity. If you can find the powdered version, you’ll need just a little, but it is way more expensive.

If you’re after PINK, use dragon fruit (pitahaya) powder (for U.S. option, click HERE) Use more for a bright fuchsia pink, or just a tiny bit for a pale rose colour.

For GREEN, matcha powder (click HERE for U.S. option) will deliver the brightest, vivid hue.

And to achieve a PURPLE/BLUE colour, maqui berry powder (click HERE for U.S. option) will work a treat.

You can also experiment by adding something acidic to the colour you’ve obtained. For example, some lemon juice or ACV added to the bright blue obtained from butterfly blue pea flowers will change it to lilac or pink. Adding some bicarbonate of soda will give you the reverse effect.

I’ve been adding these natural colours to my spoon desserts and smoothies for a few weeks. It’s so much fun. Plus let’s not forget the amazing health profiles of each of the above. Click on each of the following names for more info:

maqui berry

butterfly pea flower

dragon fruit


Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream SorbetAll You Need to Know about Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream machine (for U.S. option, click HERE). Just pour your ice cream mix into a freezer-proof container and freeze. Then every hour, for the next 3 hours, remove from the freezer, whisk and put back in the freezer. Voilá.

As for locust bean gum (LBG),  don’t be frightened by the name, it has nothing to do with bugs of any kind. Italian ice cream artisans put it in their ice creams, so I put it in mine.

Your Prosecco is best if Italian of origin (D.O.C.G.), rather than some look-alike, but that’s just my advice. Nothing to do with my having a holiday home in the Italian Prosecco Valley 😉

The macros in the recipe were calculated based on 11% ABV Extra Dry Prosecco D.O.C.G.

I used drinking coconut milk, rather than the tinned variety. I guess the tinned stuff would work the same, but it’s more concentrated, so you’d end up with a coconut-flavour ice cream. By using my home-made coconut milk, I was able to keep the carbs very low, much lower than any shop-bought drinking milk. Plus it’s incredibly healthy and totally natural (have you seen the ingredients list on the very expensive coconut milk cartons your shop offers? Yuk!).Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet

Enough said. Time to make Luxury Sugar Free Prosecco Ice Cream Sorbet.


Nutrition Information
  • Yield: 550g
  • Serving: 100g
  • Calories: 134
  • Fat: 10.6g
  • Net Carbs: 1.7g
  • Protein: 1.7g
Recipe type: Ice Creams and Ices
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Sugar Free. Low Carb. LCHF. Grain Free. Gluten Free. Raw. Vegan
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Beautiful. Delightful. Indulgent. But healthy and keto-friendly. Why wait for a special occasion?
  1. steep flowers in coconut milk fro 2.5 hours then strain through a fine mesh sieve, pressing all the milk out (discard flowers).
  2. pour Prosecco into a glass and stir it to get the bubbles out, then leave in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. add sifted LBG to coconut milk and immediately whisk to ensure no lumps are formed.
  4. incorporate coconut cream, stevia and finally the Prosecco, stirred once more for more air bubbles to rise out.
  5. turn on your ice cream machine and slowly pour the mixture into the spout.
  6. let the machine churn for 15-30 minutes (it will vary depending on the coldness of your ingredients once combined, as well as on your ice cream maker).
  7. once the ice cream has turned into a more solid mixture, turn your machine off and scoop it out into a freezer-proof container.
  8. freeze for 2-3 hours before serving.
If storing for future consumption, you'll get the best consistency if you take the ice cream out of the freezer and you let it thaw gently in the fridge for a few hours, rather than at room temperature.
Perfect on its own, or with some strawberries, mixed berries or blueberries on top.
Because of the alcohol content, this ice cream will be almost sorbet-like, so don't expect it to be creamy.
Reported macros are for ice cream only.

Metric kitchen scales are an inexpensive yet invaluable gadget to enable accurate measurement of ingredients. Store them upright in a cupboard or over your worktop and they'll only take up a tiny bit of space. Click HERE for the ones I use (UK Link). For U.S. option click HERE.

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