Ketosis Tips & Tricks

Ketosis Tips & Tricks to help you enjoy your keto lifestyle. Forever.

Once you start the keto diet, you feel so good that it soon becomes a lifestyle and you start looking at healthier products, natural ingredients, grow-your-own food, and super-foods alternatives. You think you’re doing everything right and you’re happy about your success.

Then you stumble and your weight stops shifting in the right direction. Or maybe you continue to shrink but you don’t want to. Or perhaps you feel that something isn’t quite right.

Can’t think what to do? Read my Ketosis Tips & Tricks below and you may just find an answer you didn’t expect.

But first thing first: Have you checked the exact amount of calories, carbs, fats and proteins you need? Use a macro calculator and you’ll be sure to know the parameters for your goals.

3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen

  1. Increase your good fat intake by adding 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil or MCT oil to your coffee or tea – but don’t overdo it and check that your calorie intake is in deficit (if you’re trying to lose weight).
  2. Track what you eat. At least initially. Once you’re familiar with the carbohydrate content of foods and you have good portion control, you can ease off. Track again if you need to re-focus.
  3. Avoid excessive gluconeogenesis, by eating protein in moderation. However, do ensure you eat sufficient protein for muscle development and to feel less hungry.
  4. Eat only when you’re hungry. Eating 3 meals a day is just a cultural habit.
  5. Use ketone blood testing kits or a breath ketone analyser to check your ketones production is adequate, but don’t obsess  over how many ketones are actually detected. Urine strips aren’t accurate, as they only detect ketones being excreted, rather than those in circulation.
  6.         Do eat a variety of foods. Yes keto/No keto food lists exist to guide you towards lower carbs foods. They’re not exclusive. Let common sense prevail.
  7. Don’t be tempted to eat low-carb AND avoid fats. Focus on reducing carbs and eating the right amount of protein for your lifestyle.
  8. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is beneficial and highly recommended. Eat within a set 4-8 hour window, and fast outside those times.
  9. Choose fatty cuts of meats. They are usually the least expensive and the most succulent, and they’ll help you stay within your macros.
  10. Watch out for hidden carbs in packaged food. Always check the label for carb content and hidden sugars.
  11. Variation is key to success. Don’t be tempted to just eat bacon and eggs all the time. If you’re stuck for ideas, look for help online. There are plenty of resources to help you find new and interesting meals.

Do you have any tips & tricks not listed here?

If so, don’t be shy! Send me YOUR ideas and I will be happy to publish them (with full credits to you, of course!)