make your own sugar free vanilla paste


Ever wondered how to make your own sugar free vanilla paste?

I did. It was always a mission trying to find good vanilla extract and good vanilla paste that didn’t cost the earth, never mind trying to find an organic AND sugar-free one. Then it dawned on me that if I could make my own stevia extract, peppermint extract, lemon extract, orange extract, and so on, I should be able to make my own keto-friendly vanilla extract as well!  

My method is the same no matter what flavour extract I want to obtain: main ingredient + alcohol. For any type of extract, the only drawback is that you mustn’t be in a hurry. Time is required for the strongest and best flavour to come through: the longer you wait, the better the result.

Delighted with my natural, homemade vanilla extract, it was inevitable that I would also want to make my own vanilla paste. Vanilla paste adds texture and bulk, so it is a better choice for some recipes. I use both my extract and my paste all the time now and I would never go back to shop-bought ones!make your own sugar free vanilla paste

 How did I figure out how to make it?

I simply noticed that all brands of vanilla paste listed glycerine (glycerol) as the main ingredient. My keto kitchen adventures mainly involve the use of erythritol and stevia as sweeteners, because these two came up best out of all the sugar substitutes I researched, in terms of taste, flavour, reactivity to other ingredients and tolerance. Glycerine didn’t score very high on my ‘sugar replacement’ chart and I would not use it ordinarily. BUT, it is a polyol (sugar alcohol), it is fairly sweet, it is viscous and, let’s face it, you only need 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste for a whole big fat cake, so why not?

Vanilla extract or vanilla paste?

Well, that really depends on the recipe and on your own personal taste. Homemade vanilla extract is very strong until it matures with time, so it can impart a slight alcoholic taste that isn’t always appropriate. With the vanilla paste, however, you don’t have this problem.make your own sugar free vanilla paste

To make your own vanilla paste you will need vanilla pods (you can either buy fresh ones or re-utilise discarded ones from your extract), vegetable (food grade) glycerine + either a little vodka or a little homemade vanilla extract.  The process is very simple and quick: just cut open the pods, chop them up into small pieces and place them in the food processor together with glycerine, vanilla extract or vodka, then blitz until smooth. Finally, strain through a fine sieve and store in a sealable jar in the fridge. You will have plenty and it will last AGES.


Make your Own Sugar Free Vanilla Paste
  • Yield: 150ml
  • Serving: 5ml
  • Calories: 0
  • Fat: 0
  • Net Carbs: 0
  • Protein: 0
Recipe type: Make your Own
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Sugar Free. Low Carb. LCHF. Gluten Free. Grain Free.
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Why not make your own sugar free vanilla paste? It's easy, It's healthy and it's much cheaper than shop brands.
  1. slice vanilla beans lengthways and chop them up.
  2. place all ingredients in a food processor and blitz until smooth.
  3. pour onto a fine mesh strain over a sealable jar, pressing well until no more liquid runs out.
  4. keep refrigerated and stir before each use.
Keeps indefinitely, if refrigerated in a sealed glass container such as a mason jar.

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  1. glycerin is a type of sugar

    • So? It’s a polyol, it’s low on the glycemic scale, it’s slowly and only partially metabolised, and it acts as a preservative. You’re not going to use more than 1-2 teaspoons in any recipe that is then split into several servings. Totally negligible.

  2. Laura Bradham Frisch

    Where did you get the cute jars with the attached glass lids?

  3. Have you tried dehydrating the leftover solids to make vanilla powder?

  4. After refrigerating, can I store vanilla bean paste in my pantry or do I always have to keep it refrigerated?

  5. I would love to make this Vanilla Paste, it looks delicious. However, being old, I don’t know how to convert the measurements in this recipe. It looks wonderful but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.

  6. Mira Longobardo

    I’m so happy I found you! I can’t wait to make your vanilla bean paste. I bought one and it’s loaded with sucrose and fructose. When I researched it made no mention of those ingredients. I’ll post a photo after I make your recipeThanks again ❤️

  7. Is it possible to use xanthan gum instead?

  8. Hi KetoQueen,
    I am on a keto diet also. I have made my own vanilla extract and would love to make vanilla paste but is the glycerin really necessary? Is it for sweetness only? Could some other liquid be subbed for the glycerine? Thanks

    • Hello. Gycerine is what makes it like a ‘paste’ and it also acts as a preservative. I keep my vanilla paste refrigerated in a sealed jar and it lasts months whilst acquiring a stronger flavour the longer I leave it. Glycerine is a polyol with minimal blood glucose effect. Using 1/2 or 1 teaspoon in a whole recipe makes it negligible. You can’t go wrong as long as you use food grade and coconut derived.

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