Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth


Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth. The ORIGINAL and BEST SUPERFOOD.

Today’s recipe is a re-discovery of a traditional recipe that has lost appeal through the years, but that we should all return to, keto or not.

You‘re indeed very lucky (or old…lol) if you can remember your granny or your mum dishing up steaming, wholesome, tasty meat broth. It was especially wonderful on cold winter nights or when you were ill. You drank it from a tea cup, it warmed up your cockles and made you feel better. In Italy, where traditions never wane, bone broth has always been served as a main course, with pasta, rice, tortellini, agnolotti, ravioli, gnocchi, or even chunks of dried bread soaked into it.

My Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth recipe is EXACTLY how she used to make it. But before we get to it, let me explain all the wonderful virtues of bone broth and why YOU should be drinking it too.Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth

My Favourite 5 Bone Broth Health Benefits.

  1. It contains an abundance of minerals like calcium, phosphors, magnesium and silica.  Heard of chondroitin and glucosamine supplements for pain relief and arthritic conditions? Well, they come from cartilage and tendons attached to bones!

2. It’s rich in the amino acid glycine, which has an important liver detox function. This is the road sweeper your body needs to get rid of toxins and heavy metals.

3. Hydrophilic properties make it attract gastric juices, therefore assisting digestion.

4. Helps gastro-intestinal health and gives a boost to the  immune system.

5. Improves skeletal and cardio-vascular health. For a PubMed article on this, click HERE.

Gelatine, anyone?

The gelatine in bone broth is great for healing leaky gut syndrome and food intolerances. It contains tannic acid, which has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. HERE is a detailed study on the subject. If you make bone broth and, once refrigerated, it turns to a gelatinous mass, YOU’RE LUCKY: you have created a nuclear weapon of nutrients.

Furthermore, gelatine has a high content of collagen, which is brilliant for our bone structure and skin. It donates elasticity and hydration, and may even help reduce cellulite.Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth

Which meat cuts to choose for the best Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth.

You can make bone broth with poultry, beef, or fish. Feet, hooves, wings, tail, knuckles, heads, necks and carapace (the shell around crustaceans) are ideal. They make the best broth with the highest gelatine content.

The most important thing is that you choose meat and bones from pasture-raised, grass-fed animal, even if the price tag is high. 

Low-price meat is false economy, as you will NOT get ANY of the macronutrients, minerals and benefits described above. What an animal ate and how it lived before slaughter will have affected the nutritional content of its tissues.Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth

Why You Should Choose Meat from Pasture-raised, Grain-free, Organic Animals.

It is impossible to ignore the ethical aspects of intensive farming. It is just horrific. Please don’t support this awful practice by buying cheap meat from cage reared animals.  They are often mutilated to stop them hurting themselves and the others in the tiny little space they’re confined in. These poor creatures are treated badly, are fed with artificial mixes that include GMO grains, and are pumped with drugs to keep them from viral and bacterial infections. They are also given unnecessary oestrogen and growth hormones to make them bulky, quickly. Because selling as much meat as possible, for maximum gains, is THE ONLY goal of intensive farmers.

Profit is what matters to them first and foremost. They, and the regulators who allow this barbaric practice to continue, don’t care about the animals or about what YOU eat. Intensive farming is bad news for the animals themselves, for our ecosystem and for our health. Period.

If you find grass-fed meat too expensive, than eat it less often – as I do. There is absolutely no need to eat meat daily, even on the ketogenic regime. And it may even be harmful to eat it often (according to studies – depends on what you buy and how you cook it). I eat meat just twice a week, at most. Remember: humans are omnivores, not carnivores.

To reduce costs, you could also opt for cheaper cuts, which are often the fattiest and best. Try my Cheeky Pork Chops recipe: you’ll be amazed at how tasty and succulent it is, for such a ridiculously low price.Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth

Bone broth with an Italian twist.

You will notice, when you read my Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth recipe, that a piece of actual meat is involved. You can make the broth with just bones, but my Italian granny always added a lump of meat to the pot. She would then serve the broth with tortellini or ravioli as a first course. Followed by the boiled meat with some leafy green vegetables as the main course. Clever thinking indeed. Boiled meat was and still is very popular in Italy. Especially in the north, where many restaurants serve a traditional dish called bollito misto (mixed boiled meat) with various dipping sauces. It consists of selected meats such as beef, chicken, pork and sometimes game – if the hunting season is open. And it is considered gourmet food.

Any muscular meat like braising beef will do just fine. The broth is obtained from a long cooking period on low heat. As a result, the meat becomes tender enough to break apart with a fork. Boiled meat is delicious. On its own, or with some sautéed veggies on the side, or shredded and added to an omelette or pie, alongside a lovely cup of steaming hot broth…heavenly!

One last thing. You’ve probably read other recipes for bone broth telling you to simmer it for days, and wonder how my  Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth can be ready so quickly. Here’s how:

1) I use a pressure cooker (you don’t have to), which reduces the cooking time enormously.

2) I have not seen any proof that the longer you simmer bones the more nutrients are extracted. In fact, my logic dictates that once the nutrients are extracted, they will be lost with additional cooking. Here is an article that explains why simmering bone broth for a long time can actually be bad for you.


Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Low Carb. LCHF. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A traditional bone broth that's perfect for keto nourishment and a healthy immune system.
  • 1 kg of bones (feet, hooves, wings, tail, knuckles, heads, necks or carapace)
  • (optional) muscular meat of your choice
  • 4-5 bay leaves
  • a handful of black peppercorns
  • celery stalk
  • carrot
  • onion
  • a handful of COARSE Himalayan pink salt (U.S. link HERE)
  • 2 tbsp ACV
  • (optional) ½ tbsp organic broth granules
  1. place the bones and meat into a pressure cooker, add enough water so they're 3-5 inches below the surface.
  2. bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.
  3. over the next few minutes, skim the grey foam that will continuously rise to the surface, using a slotted ladle.
  4. incorporate remaining ingredients and seal the pressure cooker lid.
  5. cook for 2 hours on very low simmer.
  6. turn off heat and allow total pressure release before removing the lid.
  7. discard vegetables and bones (or give your dog a treat), set aside the meat, and sift the broth to remove impurities.
  8. return meat and broth to the same pot and adjust seasoning to your taste.
  9. let cool completely before refrigerating.
  10. once refrigerated, a layer of solid fat may form on top: you may or may not wish to discard it.
The broth will keep for several days in the fridge and can be frozen if required.

If using a normal saucepan instead of a pressure cooker, cover with lid and simmer for 4 hours over minimal heat, and check water level from time to time, adding more if necessary.

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  2. This actually sounds quite nice I have to admit. I’d definitely down a whole bunch of that. I am sure it’s packed with LOADS of flavor!

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