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Here's what you'll find inside:


What is the difference between KETO and other low-carb diets?


What if I'm DIABETIC?

What are MACROS?

What is KETOSIS?

What is keto FLU?

What is IF?


Which FOODS are allowed?

What are SMART swaps?

Which SWEETENERS should I use?

Why is FIBRE important?

Do I need special INGREDIENTS?

What are CLEAN foods?


Colour PHOTOS of every recipe.



Helpful TIPS.

...and much, much more....

Read what renowned Medical Experts say about the book:

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Ken D Berry MD, FAAFP
Clean Keto is just the kind of book a new-comer to LCHF/Ketogenic Diet needs. It provides a solid understanding of this way of eating, a useful clean food guide, and a very helpful 14-day meal plan for the beginner. Highly recommended!
Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas Nutritionist and Clinical Neuroscientist specialising in gut-brain communication and cognitive enhancement
Like Antya, I grew up in a Mediterranean family where my gorgeous mum cooked every meal from scratch. At 82 years of age she still does, by following a lower carbohydrate / higher fat approach that's second nature to her. No single approach benefits everyone. But what I’ve learned from my own experience and over a decade of research and clinical practice is that dietary diversity is key. The more diverse your diet, the more diverse your microbiome will be. This means that eating a rainbow of brightly-coloured foods everyday will help the communication between your gut and your brain be more efficient. This typically results in better energy, memory, focus, and tends to result also in better gastrointestinal and cardiometabolic health. That’s why I love Antya’s recipes. Not only are they infused with rich Mediterranean flavours, they also are colourful and diverse. As a researcher-clinician working in gut-brain health, I see the wide range of nutrients provided by every dish as a prescription to better health.
Dr Gerald Davies
Antya has a remarkable grasp of the most important aspects of prevention nutrition. For those who find enjoyment from cooking, entertaining and eating, what better time can be spent than improving your health and reducing risks of a host of non-communicable diseases at the same time as indulging in the wonderful recipes she has created over the years. Antya’s new book is exemplary of something hugely important and a changing paradigm all over the world that started when the internet made original science publications accessible to everyone.  Some people have the time and curiosity to keep on asking the question “why” and are not satisfied with parroted dogma that simply does not make sense.
Dr Joanne McCormack General Practitioner and Advisory Board Member of the Public Health Collaboration (UK)
I actively support people who want to improve their eating habits. Switching to high nutrient, real food is the way to go. Keto is a well known dietary tool and when combined with minimally processed real food is a real winner.