Zero-Carb Carnivore Sautéed Heart & Liver


Zero-Carb Carnivore | Sautéed Heart & Liver is an easy dish that takes minimal effort.

Some people love offal. Some people dislike it. Others are simply intimidated by it. So today I’m going to share the secret to cooking heart and liver properly, with a tender result and no bitterness or metallic flavour.

It doesn’t matter if you’re following a keto diet, a carnivore regime or neither. Being nutrient-dense, organ meat has an unrivalled nutritional profile that everyone can benefit from – irrespective of their dietary preference. Heart and Liver are the absolute best.

The Original and Best Super Foods

Ox Heart‘s incredibly nutritious profile includes massive amounts of Vitamin B12, as well as Coenzyme Q10, Iron, Selenium, Vitamin B2, plus other Vitamins and Minerals, Collagen, Elastin and Peptides.

Ox or Calf Liver is packed with B vitamins, vitamin A, copper, iron, selenium, choline… the list goes on and on. No other food can compete with liver. It’s the best multi-vitamin you can get.

Zero-Carb Carnivore Sautéed Heart & Liver


I know that cooking organ meat can seem challenging, but really, once you know what to do, there’s nothing to fear.

How to Cook Zero-Carb Carnivore | Sautéed Heart & Liver

Most recipes will direct you to quickly pan fry heart and liver, or risk ending up with a tough, chewy, unpalatable result. I have news for you: it’s not true. But it does depend on the preparation and method, and this is the Italian way my mum taught me…

To start with, I make sure to trim away any sinew. Then I cut both liver and heart into slivers, rather than attempting to cook whole slices or pieces. I soak the meat in whole milk for 30-60 minutes. Then I infuse butter with fresh sage leaves. Sage leaves discarded, I add the meat and fry, stirring until all pieces become pale. Then a good glug of brandy goes in. Finally, I add my seasoning ingredients, and continue to cook, stirring regularly, until no liquid remains and the meat is sizzling and beginning to caramelise. This can take 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the pan I’m using and how much offal I’m cooking.

Zero-Carb Carnivore Sautéed Heart & Liver

The result? Tender, flavoursome, delicious, and zero-carb. If you have some leftovers, make sure to use them up within 3 days max, re-heated gently in a pan (*do not microwave).

I commonly eat heart and liver twice a week, as a ‘side’,  to go with whatever muscle protein I’m choosing as a main course. The image shows my ox tongue dinner with heart & liver.


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Zero-Carb Carnivore Sautéed Heart & Liver

Zero-Carb Carnivore | Sautéed Heart & Liver

If you dislike offal, try cooking it this way and you'll taste the difference.
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Course: Sides
Diet: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, High Protein, Italian, Keto, Low Carb, Zero Carb
Keywords: brandy, butter, carnivore, heart, liver, offal, organ meat, sage, zero carb
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 4 sides


  • 250 g calf liver (or ox liver - calf liver is more tender)
  • 250 g ox heart
  • 300 ml whole dairy milk (I use Arla lactose-free)
  • 60 g butter
  • 8 sage leaves
  • 1 splash brandy
  • ½ beef stock cube (U.S. option HERE)
  • 1 tsp tomato concentrate purée
  • 1 pinch fine himalayan pink salt (U.S. option HERE)


  • cut heart and liver slices into 0.5-1cm width x 6-8cm length slivers, discarding any grey or white sinew.
    250 g calf liver, 250 g ox heart
  • place the slivers in a large bowl, and submerge in milk for 30 minutes.
    300 ml whole dairy milk
  • using a sauté pan, gently fry the sage leaves in butter for a few minutes, until reduced in size and crispy, and butter has caramelised, then remove pan from heat source and discard the leaves.
    60 g butter, 8 sage leaves
  • drain heart and liver, bring the butter back to a sizzle over medium-high heat and tip the meat into it.
  • allow all pieces to brown, then add brandy and remaining ingredients.
    1 splash brandy, ½ beef stock cube, 1 tsp tomato concentrate purée, 1 pinch fine himalayan pink salt
  • stir well; sauté until the liquids have evaporated and the meat starts to sizzle and begins to caramelise; you will need to stir regularly.
  • serve immediately alongside your main protein.


Organ meat is highly perishable, so keep it chilled at all times and cook it within one day of purchase.
If you eat organ meat often, it will save you time if you buy large quantities, trim, slice and portion by weight, then place in zip-lock bags in the freezer. When ready to use, always allow 24 hours to defrost in the fridge.
Unless otherwise indicated, use Metric Kitchen Scales to measure ingredients accurately.
Cooked heart and liver will keep for up to 3 days in the coldest part of the fridge. To re-heat, use a frying pan. Don't use the microwave (test it at your peril).
Nutrition info obtained from Quadram UK database.


Serving: 1portion | Calories: 275kcal | Carbohydrates: 0g | Protein: 25g | Fat: 19g
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