sugar free vanilla ice cream with tea jelly


Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream with Tea Jelly: 1.6g carbs per (large) portion.

Here’s a fun dessert suitable for all occasions. Whether you have a kids party coming up or you want to prepare a keto dessert for the little ones at Christmas, this is going to be a hit. But you certainly don’t need to be a child to love this. I know I do. sugar free vanilla ice cream with tea jelly

My ketofication of this classic dessert was pretty straight forward, with the right ingredients to hand. Erythritol and stevia to replace sugar. Coconut milk to replace cow’s milk. A good gelatine product to replace packaged jelly loaded with sugar or chemical sweeteners. A couple of tea bags. A bit of LBG. This recipe was fun to create and fun to taste. 

For the jelly of my Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream with Tea Jelly, I chose lemon and ginger teabags. If intended for kids, rather than adults, your jelly flavour can be something with less zing than lemon and ginger. You can pick whatever flavour you think the kids (or you) would enjoy the most. Forest fruit or summer fruit teabags, for example, make a wonderful, sweet flavoured jelly.

Making Jelly with Tea Bags and Gelatine. 

Ridiculously simple. It’s a shame that people continue to buy jelly powders full of terrible ingredients, rather than make their own. There’s no extra effort involved in making a healthy jelly. Compare pouring a sachet of jelly powder into a cup and adding hot water, with pouring hot water over tea bags and stirring in some pure jelly powder and a bit of stevia. Yes. That’s right. It’s all there is to it. Not difficult – I’m sure you’ll agree. And it doesn’t take any longer. The hardest part about my keto home-made jelly is deciding which tea bag flavour you’d prefer. 

To make Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream with Tea Jelly, I used Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin. It’s beef hide gelatine that’s also kosher and as pure as you can get. I buy the orange tub. Not for the kosher aspect, but because it’s apparently better for jelly-making. Gelling results will depend on the gelatine brands and type you use. So by letting you know exactly which one went into my recipe, I’m making sure you achieve the same result that I did. Gelatine is an excellent source of protein, with an impressive amino acids profile. Good for your health. Great for ketoers and low carbers.sugar free vanilla ice cream with tea jelly

Heavenly Keto Vanilla Ice Cream.

I prefer to use a machine to churn ice cream. You can do the process by hand, but it requires time and effort. Ice cream makers are inexpensive, effective and quick. I have this one. It’s cheap, small and turns liquid to ice cream in 15-20 minutes. All you must remember is to freeze the inner bowl for at least 24 hours before use and to make sure the freezer is set to a very cold temperature. If your ice cream fails to solidify, either the bowl or the liquid you  poured into it wasn’t cold enough.sugar free vanilla ice cream with tea jelly

I make my own coconut milk all the time and that’s what went into the vanilla ice cream. You can, of course, use shop-bought or home-made almond milk, cashew milk or even whole cow’s milk. But the taste won’t be the same and you’ll need to recalculate macros (e.g. 4.2g carbs per 1/4 portion using whole cow’s milk).

If you follow my recipe you’ll have a deliciously healthy ice cream in no time at all. About 550g total weight. Eat it straight out of the ice cream maker, or store it in a freezer-proof container for later. If you go for the ‘later’ option, remember to transfer your frozen ice cream to the fridge for a couple of hours so that it softens a little before serving.sugar free vanilla ice cream with tea jelly

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. A few basic ingredients and you’ll whip up Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream with Tea Jelly. This keto version won’t let you down.


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Nutrition Information
  • Yield: 4
  • Serving: 1 portion
  • Calories: 401
  • Fat: 36.8g
  • Net Carbs: 1.6g
  • Protein: 13.6g
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Sugar Free. Low Carb. Gluten Free. Grain Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A traditional dessert that's fun and enjoyable for kids and adults alike.
For the Vanilla Ice Cream:
For the Tea Jelly:
To make the Vanilla Ice Cream
  1. beat erythritol, liquid stevia and egg yolks until frothy and set aside.
  2. heat milk, double cream and vanilla paste, whisking gently until just below boiling point (when little bubbles start to form around the edges), then remove from heat.
  3. add all the milk/cream to the egg yolks one ladle at a time, whisking vigorously as you do so.
  4. transfer back to the pot and heat again, whisking constantly until just below boiling point.
  5. remove from heat, sprinkle in LBG, whisk well and transfer back to the Pyrex bowl.
  6. allow the mix to cool completely, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  7. when the ice cream mix is cold, set up an ice cream maker (the inner bowl having been in the freezer for at least 24 hours) and start the motor.
  8. pour ice cream mix into the spout and let the machine do the rest for 15-20 mins (depending on the machine and how cold everything was).
  9. serve immediately or store in a sealed container and freeze until required.
To make the Tea Jelly
  1. steap tea bags in very hot water for a few minutes.
  2. add stevia crystals and gelatine, whisking vigorously until well incorporated and smooth.
  3. pour into moulds and refrigerate until set.
If stored in the freezer, your ice cream will become quite hard. This is because home freezers are much colder than those used in ice cream shops. The best way to soften it is to transfer it to the fridge a few hours before serving. You can leave it to soften at room temperature if you prefer, but you'll find that it turns to liquid around the edges, while the middle stays solid.


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