keto sugar free krispy kreme copycat doughnuts


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Keto Sugar Free Krispy Kreme Copycat Doughnuts. 1.3g carbs. Amazing!

You have no idea how proud I am to present these!  After trying to create the right texture, rise and flavour for a year (no kidding!) I have finally made it. It took so long and I had so many flops that ketohusband repeatedly told me to give up and move on. But I refused. Why be defeated by something that I knew was possible? 

It all started with gorgeous pictures of keto,  low carb, sugar free and paleo doughnuts popping up on Pinterest everywhere. Beautiful, colourful photos are a magnet for my stomach, so I followed recipe after recipe that promised to deliver.

Sadly, every one of those recipes turned out to be a big disappointment. Either the flavour wasn’t right, or the batter didn’t rise, or the texture was too dense, or it simply lacked something. Maybe I was just rubbish at following those recipes. But none of them were quite there for me.

That’s when I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to make up my own Keto Sugar Free Krispy Kreme Copycat Doughnuts from scratch. And so an epic doughnut quest began. Batch after batch ended up being a disaster. I would periodically try again and again and then put the idea on the back burner for another time.

keto sugar free krispy kreme copycat doughnuts

The curse of the doughnuts.

One day, however, an idea came to mind. I decided to stop looking at all my previous scribblings, start from scratch and use my Amazing Protein Bread Loaf as the basis for the next try. Well…when I tasted the doughnuts I jumped for joy! They had risen very well, the texture was perfect and they didn’t deflate once out of the oven. I was so happy with myself! But the curse of the doughnuts wouldn’t leave me…because I lost the scrap of paper I had scribbled the recipe on!  The next attempt wasn’t even close. Nor the one after that. So frustrating!!!!

With one success story to spur me on, I wasn’t going to give up. This time I just needed to apply simple modifications to the bread batter, as I knew it had been my starting point. Nope. It wasn’t to be. Once again, batches were made and either eaten or thrown away. Weeks later I’d give it another go. Failure again. 

The saga went on for so long that I was on the brink of giving up. But out of sheer stubbornness, I decided to have one more doughnut baking day. It wasn’t until the  4th batch of the day that triumph came. Finally! Success at last! I cannot express the sheer, utter joy and relief I felt. I was almost in tears with happiness. This time I made sure to back up the recipe notes… and further bakes have been no problem at all.

keto sugar free krispy kreme copycat doughnuts

How to Make Keto Sugar Free Krispy Kreme Copycat Doughnuts.

These doughnuts retain a moist, spongy, airy consistency for up to 48 hours and are delightful with whatever topping you choose. If you don’t fancy my mascarpone frosting, you could just drizzle some melted dark chocolate over them, or lightly brush them with coconut oil and dip them in cinnamon ‘sugar’, or cover them with a water icing.

keto sugar free krispy kreme copycat doughnuts

Keto Sugar Free Krispy Kreme Copycat Doughnuts are baked. If you prefer the more traditional (albeit unhealthy) fried taste, you could always fry them once baked and cooled.


  • Yield: 8
  • Serving: 1
  • Calories: 86
  • Fat: 7g
  • Net Carbs: 1.3g
  • Protein: 4g
Recipe type: Desserts
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Sugar Free. LCHF. Low Carb. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Moist, spongy and soft. 100% yummy. You may want to double the quantities...because they'll disappear very quickly!
For the doughnuts:
For the optional frosting (various choices):
To make the doughnuts:
  1. pre-heat oven to 150°C fan (170°C static).
  2. whisk eggs together with with salt, cream cheese and sweeteners.
  3. melt butter, cool it a little, then whisk it into the egg mix.
  4. combine whey, psyllium, baking powder and ACV, before adding it to the wet mix and hand-whisking it all to obtain a smooth batter.
  5. scoop the (very runny) batter into your doughnut moulds so it is divided equally and evenly (I used two silicone moulds - U.S. option HERE).
  6. bake for 18 mins, then turn off oven, open the door and leave them for another 5 mins, before taking them out.
  7. let the doughnuts cool down completely, then remove them from their moulds.
To make the frosting:
  1. beat mascarpone until soft, then incorporate icing sugar, mixing thoroughly.
  2. now you have choices: you can either add a few drops of vanilla extract, or melted dark chocolate (you'll need 40g), or 1 tsp pitaya (pink), or 1 tsp maqui (lilac).
  3. spread the frosting all over, except the underside, using a small, flexible cake-decorating spatula).
Macros given above right are for 1 plain doughnut, as they can be 'customised' in many different ways.

Macros for each doughnut including mascarpone frosting, add:
Vanilla: Kcal 66; F 7g; C 0.4g; P 0.6g.
Chocolate: Kcals 74; F 7.5g; C 0.7g; P 1g.
Pitaya/Maqui: Kcals 70; F 7g; C 0.5g; P 0.6g.

The only way to ensure accurate measurement of ingredients is with Metric Kitchen Scales. Click HERE for the ones I use (UK Link). U.S. option HERE.


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  1. Thank you for this recipe! I have Type 2 Diabetes and I am a picky eater. God bless you and take care!

  2. I made these with low expectations and HOLY. CRAP. They are… donuts, not “keto” donuts.
    I did some vanilla donuts dipped in butter and tossed in cinnamon-stevia-xylitol mixture. Topped some with chocolate ganache – just heavy cream, unsweetened chocolate and sweetener. Made some chocolate donuts (just added cocoa powder to the batter) and topped with the ganache and peanut butter chocolate ganache (just added PB to the prior ganache recipe.)

    I. AM. HOOKED.

    Thank you for this incredible recipe!

    • Hey Melissa, thanks for the lovely comment. Really glad you like them…it took me ages to perfect them and almost gave up, but it was worth persevering (in my opinion).

  3. Hi, thanks for the recipe :). Can I replace the cheam cheese with something else?

    • Hi lili, cream cheese is a key element. You could try lactose-free soft cheese, if it’s because you’re intollerant, but the result may be different.

  4. Hey, would i be able to replace the maqui powder with something else is? Because they are not easy to find.

  5. Mini Miles

    Hi, I don’t have vanilla whey…Can I use chocolate instead? Will it change the taste too much?

    • Hello Mini, you can make these with vanilla whey and plain whey isolate, but not with chocolate flavour whey, unless you also add cocoa or chocolate to make a chocolate version.

  6. If you think frying is unhealthy, then you clearly don’t understand keto. Fried in coconut oil or other healthy oil is perfectly healthy and keto. “Baked” is not the go to method for keto. Read up, I also hope you don’t call keto “high protein”

    • Hahaha, here comes a troll! It was bound to happen sooner or later, so, congratulations, you’re my first!!!! Perhaps I should have left your comment in the spam folder where my clever bots placed you, but I thought I’d enlighten you a bit: Firstly, I clearly wrote in my post that ‘unhealthy’ was in relation to traditionally fried doughnuts. Secondly, heating fats at high temperatures changes their molecular structure, and that applies to good oils like coconut oil too (maybe YOU should read up on basic chemistry) hence why oils that are extracted by cold press, rather than heated, are the gold standard in terms of nutritional/health profile. So yes, coconut oil is a healthy oil and with a high-heating point, but raw is still best. Thirdly, keto has nothing to do with either frying or baking – where on earth did you read that, lol. Lastly, any diet/lifestyle, including keto, can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on food choices, ingredients and cooking methods. My keto lifestyle choice involves eating foods that are as natural and unadulterated as possible, and if frying isn’t necessary, I’ll avoid it. P.S. I won’t bother replying to your other, almost identical comment under a different alias – I know it’s you, you might want to cloak your IP address next time. Have a lovely day.

  7. Hi, I’ve jz found your recipe and can’t wait to try however, in general for keto recipe people will use either coconut flour or almond flour. But in yours I didn’t see any form of flour. I’m really curious how it will turn out.

  8. Made them this morning. The ACV was a little overpowering in taste of the finished product. Could I reduce the amount of ACV?

    • Hi Dee, yes you can reduce it. If you’re using ACV with mother, make sure you shake the bottle before using it, to avoid a concentrated bit going in the mix by mistake.

  9. So I’ve made these twice in 2 days. Yesterday I forgot the ACV! They tasted good but didn’t rise. (Silly me) and I fried them and sprinkled with powdered Pyure (stevia & erythritol). Delicious! But today I needed to try the right way and OMG SO MOIST and delish! Both times fried quickly in coconut oil and powdered. They are a dream come true. Yep I’ll be making these a lot!

  10. How very nice of you to include the US equivalents. That is more work for you, thank you. I can’t wait to try these.

  11. Brittany Duncan

    Could I use unflavored whey protein instead of vanilla?

  12. Peggy Hysell

    Had anyone converted to US measures? Not sure how to covert.

    • Hi Peggy, I presume that by US measures you mean cups and spoons and sticks of butter. I do not recommend such conversion, especially for smaller quantities, which would be impossible to determine. Whenever I look at blog recipes that include an option for measures, the results from metric to volume conversion never make sense. Metric kitchen scales are extremely accurate, inexpensive and small enough to be inconspicuous in any kitchen.

  13. Did you know your instructions leave out when to add the erythrotol and stevia?

  14. Marion Robinson

    Hi Antya,
    Well as promised, I made these yesterday,
    & have come back to report how they turned out.
    They were quite simple to make.
    I got all the ingredients on the side,along with my very bright, lime green doughnut pans,
    ( which aren’t needed for flavour, any would do LOL )
    & just followed what you did to the letter.
    I put them in the oven, & waited. Tim did his GBBO impression, &
    kept looking through the glass oven door. At one point exclaiming,
    they’re rising honey ! Sad I know .
    I prayed, they would turn out OK, as I’ve wasted quite a bit of money,
    ( & ingredients ) on recipes from the web, that didn’t work…
    Eureka..they came out nothing short of amazing…I did fry off two of them,
    in organic coconut oil, & they too were fabulous.
    I waited for them to cool, then slapped the topping on.
    I chose Scotlands colours of blue & white, to put in the mixture.
    I can only say thanks queenketo, these give me another string to
    my keto bow, for when I want to make something delicious & simple.
    I’m still putting in a request for a rum baba Pretty please xx

    • YEEESSSSS!!! I was waiting for your verdict with much apprehension, Marion, as I know you’re a chef, so your feedback matters to me, a lot. It was such a long year, trying to perfect the recipe, that if you’d said no, I would have packed up my blog and closed shop, so to speak. Thank you for being such a great support.

  15. Marion Robinson

    Antya, I love you. I too tried many of the other doughnut recipes over the past few months, & threw nearly all of them away.
    I thought it must be me getting it wrong ( not an easy thing for a Chef like me to admit ) Tim managed to choke down a few of them, as he’s so brave, & doesn’t really like do’nts, These, however, look amazing, & seem so simple to make…& as I have
    all the ingredients in my lovely ( new ) kitchen cupboards, I SHALL be making them tomorrow. I will be back, to let you know
    how wonderful they were X

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