Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter). 1.5g carbs and fewer calories than most keto cakes.

Incredibly light, with a spongy texture that is hard to believe is really gluten-free. These sugar-free, egg-freebutter-free and coconut-free Bundt cuties are just sweet enough and sufficiently chocolate-y to satisfy all taste buds.

I like mine plain, just as they come out of the oven. But they can easily be jazzed up with a dusting of Home-Made Icing ‘Sugar’, a frosting, and maybe some sugar free sprinkles on top. Or even some Creme Anglaise Custard or Vanilla Ice Cream

How to Make Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter)

Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter)

In terms of equipment, you’ll need a mini Bundt cakes silicone mould with 6 cavities. Easy to find and cheap as chips. Scroll down ↓ to the recipe for the ones I use (different colour, same mould). You’ll also need 2 medium mixing bowls, 2 flexible silicone spatulas (one is fine, but 2 will make your life easier), 2 teaspoons, and a cup or small jug for the hot water.

Plus a bain-marie (double-boiler).

I use a milk pot filled with water up to about 6cm/2.5″ from the rim. When the water reaches a fast boil, I turn it off and immediately place over it a small dessert bowl containing the chocolate chips, sweetener and oil. After leaving it alone for a few minutes, I stir the mixture until all chips have melted, then I move it to one side (over- heating it may cause the chocolate to split).

So simple. But if you’re confident about melting chocolate in a microwave without burning it, go right ahead with that method.

Once you have all dry ingredients in a medium bowl, mix them well, add the measured hot water and vanilla extract, and stir with a fork until the batter thickens. Then use a spatula to scrape off the sides and mix it homogeneously. Place 1/3 of this batter in your second mixing bowl, and stir in your melted chocolate using your second spatula.

With the teaspoons, fill the mould cavities alternating light and dark batters. Flatten the tops with a wet teaspoon and bake.

Now all you have to do is admire that beautiful rise and salivate with anticipation at your keto pièce de résistance.

Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter)


Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter)

Keto Mini Bundt Cakes (No Eggs, No Butter)

Delicious. Light. Full of healthy goodness and super easy.
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Course: Desserts, Sweet Bites
Diet: Cheese Free, Coconut Free, Egg Free, German, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Keto, Low Calorie, Low Carb, No Butter, Sugar Free, Yeast Free
Keywords: bundt, cake, chocolate, ground almonds, sponge, vanilla, whey protein
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 6



  • melt chocolate chips, MCT oil and 30g erythritol (best over a bain marie); add a few more drops of MCT oil if too dense - the melt should be thick but fluid, not paste-like.
  • weigh remaining dry ingredients, tip them into a medium Pyrex bowl, and mix with a fork.
  • heat water until hot but not boiling - about 60 seconds in microwave at 600w setting.
  • pour the hot water over the dry ingredients, and quickly add the vanilla extract.
  • immediately stir with the same fork, then combine using a flexible silicone spatula.
  • pre-heat oven to Top + Bottom Heat170 °C static.
  • transfer 1/3 mixture into a separate bowl and mix in the chocolate.
  • drop 1 teaspoon of alternate light/dark batter into your mini bundt moulds (see pics in post); smooth the tops with a wet teaspoon.
  • bake for 25 mins, until the light areas are golden, then open oven door 45° and leave in situ for 5 minutes.
  • remove from oven and let the bundt cakes cool completely.


If you opt for Keto Chocolate Chips, bear in mind that they are already slightly sweetened, so you may not want to add sweetener, or perhaps just a little.
When melting the chocolate and erythritol, don't worry if you see some granularity, it won't affect the baked result.
Coconut oil, or any other oil, can replace MCT.
You can optionally dust them with icing 'sugar' (U.S. option HERE), or water frosting (just take a tablespoon of icing 'sugar' and add water, bit by bit, until you reach the consistency you desire), and perhaps add some sugar free sprinkles (U.S. option HERE).
The bundt cakes will keep for up to 4 days at room temperature. To store them for longer, put them in a zip-lock bag and refrigerate, or freeze.
Unless otherwise indicated, use Metric Kitchen Scales to measure ingredients accurately (U.S. option HERE).


Serving: 1mini cake | Calories: 185kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.5g | Protein: 10g | Fat: 15g
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