keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote


Keto Camembert with Sugar Free Raspberry & Gin Compote: just 3-7g carbs.keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

Keto lunches don’t have to be boring. Why not make yours a little bit special with this super quick, super easy recipe. I used a shot of gin, but you can choose vodka, if that’s your favourite. Or don’t use alcohol at all – it will be just as enjoyable. Not keen on pan-frying? Want fewer carbs? Easy. Just microwave or grill the cheese and you’ll have an amazing lunch containing less then 3g carbs. So good that even Tristen the Border Collie can’t stop staring at it!keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

Did you know that pure spirits such as tequila, vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy or cognac contain ZERO carbs? That’s because even though they tend to be made from fermented grains, gluten and carbs vanish through the distillation process that follows. Therefore, you can enjoy these and not make a dent in your daily carbs budget.

My favourite tipple -and I only drink on special occasions like birthdays and festivities, is gin and slimline tonic water. No sugar, no carbs. Happy days. Plus I like the fact that gin’s different flavours come from botanicals like juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia and citrous peels. Which makes me think it’s good for me… hehe!keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

About alcohol on Keto.

Just because I’ve stated that you can drink alcohol on keto/low carb, doesn’t mean it’s a green light to ALL alcoholic beverages, or to drinking in excess. Whilst pure spirits contain zero carbs and are therefore OK, many other alcoholic beverages are NOT OK.

DEFINITELY NOT TO BE TOUCHED are flavoured spirits, beer, stout, guinness, cider, etc. Wine contains healthy antioxidants but is high in sugars. Beer is by far the worst beverage, as it contains a lot of sugar and gluten. Liqueurs are packed with sugary syrups, so they cannot even be glanced at.

As for the zero carbs hard spirits, you should still enjoy them IN MODERATION. Why? First and foremost, excessive alcohol is bad for the liver. Secondly, the liver will always metabolise alcohol over fats, which means that you may stop loosing weight or be kicked out of ketosis if you drink regularly.

Lastly, but most importantly, if you choose to have an occasional tipple but you don’t like it straight, be mindful of sugary mixers. Always opt for sugar free or low calorie ones. Not the healthiest of choices, but at least they don’t affect your keto state. 

Keto Camembert with Sugar Free Raspberry & Gin Compote in 2 EASY STEPS.

Start with the raspberry compote. It’s a case of pouring some frozen berries in a  heavy-base pan and turning the hob on medium-high heat. A few minutes later, the berries will have mashed up and you have a compote. Add a few drops of liquid stevia, transfer to a dish to cool down and thicken, then stir in a shot of gin (or your preferred tipple). keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

Then focus on the Camembert cheese. Or Brie, if you prefer. Whatever you choose, make sure it has skin all the way round, otherwise the centre will ooze out straight away. In addition, I recommend you use a mild cheese, otherwise it will overpower the subtle booze taste. I buy Sainsbury’s Normandy Camembert as it’s perfect both in size and flavour. If you want to reduce the carbs, just place the whole cheese under the grill on medium heat, flip over to grill the other side and you’re done. You can also do the same in the microwave. To pan fry the cheese, as I did in the recipe, beat a small egg and dip your cheese into it, then coat it with a mix of oats and coconut flour and pan fry in ghee or butter until golden brown on all sides.keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

However you choose to make Keto Camembert with Sugar Free Raspberry & Gin Compote, rest assured you will have an extra-ordinary lunch.keto camembert with sugar free raspberry & gin compote

Nutrition Information
  • Yield: 1
  • Serving: 1
  • Calories: 567
  • Fat: 43.5g
  • Net Carbs: 7g
  • Protein: 34g
Recipe type: Lunch Ideas
Cuisine: Ketogenic. LCHF. Low Carb. Gluten Free. Grain Free. Sugar Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A boozy keto lunch! Who'd have thought! Make your lunch exciting with this super easy and super quick recipe. 3g-7g carbs per serving.
make the compote:
  1. place raspberries in a small heavy-base pan; cook on medium heat for 5 minutes whilst stirring and mashing the berries up; add stevia and transfer to a small bowl to cool down, then stir in gin (or vodka), unless you opt for a booze-free version.
cook the Camembert:
  1. if you prefer fewer carbs, just grill or microwave the cheese for 5-6 minutes, flipping it half way through; for the pan-fried version, follow steps 2-6 below:
  2. beat egg and set aside.
  3. mix bran and coconut flours in a small plate and set aside.
  4. dip cheese into the beaten egg, then transfer it to the flour mix, coating it all over.
  5. heat up ghee or butter and when it starts to bubble add the cheese.
  6. cook the cheese for 6-7 minutes on medium heat, flipping it over half way through, then cook the edge all around (tonges come in handy).
  7. transfer cheese to a serving plate, pour raspberry compote all over and enjoy immediately.
If you don't pan-fry the cheese, macros are as follows:
Kcals 442; P 32g; C3g; F 33g.

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  1. Can you make this with Brie?

    • Hi Sandra, you can, but brie is usually sold as a wedge, so isn’t totally encased by edible rind, and the creamy centre part will ooze out during cooking. Any other similar cheese, with a soft centre surrounded by a bloomy rind, will work just fine.

  2. Synthia Owugah

    I will definitely be trying this.. Looks really good ?

  3. This has become my favourite lunch dish, delicious warm cheese and tangy sauce. The summer alternative of Burrata with melon and Parma ham is beckoning… thanks QueenKeto!!

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