3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen


3 Time-Saving Tools For the Keto Kitchen that will ensure You NEVER Run Out of Delicious Keto Food.

Guest post by Louise Hendon, co-host of the Keto Summit.

When you’re following a Keto diet, there’s more reason than ever to plan ahead so you always have plenty of healthy whole foods on hand.

There’s no way around some chores like chopping and general meal prep. But you can choose when you have more time for this and batch prepare. It’s the best way for the week to run like clockwork without endless stints in the kitchen.

Here are 3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen to ensure you never run out of delicious Keto food…

3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen

1) Blender

One multi-purpose time-saving tool that deserves a place in any Keto-friendly kitchen is the humble blender.

It doesn’t matter whether you invest in NutriBullet or a Vitamix or decide on a cheaper but serviceable blender instead; a basic blender is a staple that comes into its own when you’re following the Ketogenic diet.

If you’re just getting started with Keto, you probably run into trouble with breakfast and snacks.

With a blender to hand, you can blitz up a green smoothie without breaking a sweat. In minutes flat, a smoothie can help set you up for the day. Coconut cream and coconut milk make great smoothie bases. You can work in plenty of the healthy fats you need, like MCT oil, coconut cream or even a ripe avocado.

You can also use your blender to whip up all the ingredients for some Keto fat bombs.  They’ll give you a high-fat snack perfect for refuelling between meals.  Do you prefer savoury snacks? How about blitzing up some avocado mayo to use as a delicious dip. Or some healthy mackerel paté to spread over some amazing protein bread. Yum!

If you’re a coffee fiend, a blender is a handy way to mix up all the ingredients for your bulletproof coffee quickly and easily.

When you’re new to Keto, it’s a smart move to consider a meal plan so you can plan ahead with confidence knowing everything you cook falls in line with your dietary requirements. 

2) Crockpot

While many time-saving kitchen tools are all well and good when you’re actually using them, a crockpot is the perfect way to make fruitful use of the time when you’re at the office or out of the house.

Imagine coming home and just needing to plate up a delicious meal for the whole family instead of hitting the chopping board and cooking from scratch…

The set-and-forget nature of the crockpot means you can just flick it on as you head out for work so you come home to a nutritious Keto crockpot meal every night. If you’re pressed for time, this ability to profit from otherwise dead time is one of the key attractions of slow cookers.

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a Ketogenic diet but you fear you’ll be too busy to keep up with meal prep? 

If so, we get it. It’s how you make use of what time is available that counts. So treat yourself to the convenience a slow cooker offers. Make your time work for you and stay on track with your macros!

As well as the sheer convenience, crockpots are beneficial in other ways.

Since your food is cooked long and slow, you’ll get the very fullest flavour, whether it’s meat, vegetables or bone broth.

The other indirect advantage of using a crockpot is that you’ll be able to swoop in on cheaper cuts of meat. The prolonged slow simmering means even a tougher cut comes out lip-smackingly tender and delicious. Ever tried pig cheeks? They’re too good for words!

You can extend this economy to buying larger quantities of meat and cook up bigger batches of food, saving both money and time.

Just imagine batch cooking meat for the week while you chop enough veggies as you’re watching an episode of your favourite TV show. 

It’s a simple one-two punch that means your day-to-day effort is slashed without your Keto diet being compromised.

3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen


3) Soup Maker

Last, but certainly not least, in our time-saving kitchen devices ideal for Keto is a soup maker.

You’ll want to get plenty of fresh vegetables on board. Rustling up a nutritious soup is a filling way to maximise your intake of veggies the easy way.

Soups are also a notoriously simple method of getting vegetables down any children reluctant to eat their greens.

Ran out of fresh vegetables? Simply toss a frozen mix into your soup maker as a tasty tide-over measure.

In a similar way to the slow cooker, you can leave your soup cooking even when you’re away from home.

Soup can be an appetiser, a snack, or a tasty and nutritious lunch. Owning a soup maker stops you having to constantly monitoring a pot. As with a slow cooker, the beauty of a soup maker is the way it works away in the background even if you’re not at home.


We hope you’re feel a little more confident now about following a Keto diet without spending your whole life in the kitchen.
Get yourself these 3 time-saving tools for the keto kitchen. You can come home to freshly cooked food every night and have everything plated up in minutes. Then you can enjoy your evening with your feet up, knowing that you’re fully on track with your macros. 

Please note that I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning.

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  1. Adriana Richmond

    I so agree with this post! I love gadgets in the kitchen but the humble blender is such a help for my ketogenic cooking! I use it everyday and it helps me with my macros . Especially my fat intake. But the slow cooker create wonderful smells and as soon as I return home I am a happy bunny as nice food waits for me! Many thanks for this because I think I need a soup maker after your article. I have a facebook group for women on a keto low carb diet (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1125957090915929/ ) and will them them to check your reasons for a new shiny and helpful gadgets!!!

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