Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies


Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies: 2.2g carbs per slice.

This very quick and easy recipe will yield 12 wedges of delicious Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies.

Love them or hate them, blueberries are a super food and a ketoer‘s best friend. But even though they are fairly low carb when compared to other fruits, you need to eat them sparingly, otherwise you’ll quickly exceed your ketosis macros. Being that they are quite expensive, in the UK at least, one may be inclined to buy bigger, value packs.

Unfortunately, berries deteriorate pretty quickly, becoming tasteless and squishy in the process. It’s happened to me on many occasions, and I would bet it has happened to you too.Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies

So. Rather than throwing these expensive little beauties away, here is a rescue recipe for the frugal person in you. No blueberries? No problem. You can use any berry you like. Just remember to recalculate your carbs macros according to the berries you use.

Single Bake v Double Bake.

I am in the middle of a total house refurbishment plus extension. WHILST LIVING IN IT! Yes I know it’s crazy, but our finances didn’t allow us the luxury of renting alternative accommodation. Since the beginning of January, I have had NO KITCHEN.

My very kind builders have spared me the old sink, which has become a bit of a mobile feature in the middle of a building site, plus ONE room in which to live, cook, relax and sleep. It’s basically like camping…minus the fun. Not one to be defeated by the challenge, I created a makeshift cooking corner which boasts a portable induction plate, a halogen oven and enough workspace for two plates positioned side by side. Sheer luxury!!! 

I’ve always loved my halogen oven. So much so that I have, in fact, two: one in Italy and one in the UK. If you’ve never heard of a halogen oven, it’s basically a large glass bowl with a halogen light and fan, that functions like an oven. It’s portable and very versatile. It can bake, boil, sauté, grill, fry and keep warm. It is also very efficient in that it requires no warming up, so you save on energy bills too. Cleaning it is a breeze: you just wipe the glass lid and bowl. You don’t even have to remove the bowl. I don’t bother using the self-cleaning function, but it has one.  Click here and you’ll see my UK model. Here is an America equivalent.  It’s been my saviour in terms of being able to continue to bake in the middle of a construction area. Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies

The halogen oven has worked fine for cakes, breads and pizzas, but my Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies remain very soft at the bottom. Although it may be because of the blueberries releasing moisture, or the fact that I use a silicone mould. I don’t really know. Anyway, I bake them for 40 minutes, then I let them cool down before I flip them over and bake them for another 15 minutes. I find the texture perfect. Crispy on the outside, slightly soft on the the inside.Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies

Once I have my brand new kitchen in situ, I will try this recipe in a normal oven and see if the Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies still require double baking. I’ll keep you posted…Sugar Free Lemon & Blueberry Double Baked Cookies

…meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe!

Nutrition Information
  • Yield: 12
  • Calories: 110
  • Fat: 8g
  • Net Carbs: 2.2g
  • Protein: 5.8g
Recipe type: Biscuits
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Sugar Free. Low Carb. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Bake it twice, for twice the goodness! Yummy, lemony cookies with chewy blueberries. A keto delight.
  1. in a large bowl, weigh and add all ingredients except blueberries.
  2. knead until you obtain a smooth dough, then incorporate the blueberries.
  3. press cookie dough into a flan dish lined with parchment paper (or a silicone equivalent), making sure it is levelled.
  4. bake in the halogen oven (U.S. option HERE), lower rack, at 140C for 40 mins.
  5. let cool, flip over and bake for a further 15 mins.
  6. once cooled, flip back over, slice into quarters and then slice each quarter into thirds.
  7. finally, lightly dust with Sukrin Icing 'sugar' before serving.
If cooking in a normal oven, I would suggest trying 130C fan (150C static) for 40 minutes or until golden-brown. If the pastry feels soft underneath, flip and bake for a further 10-15 minutes.

If you have a peanut allergy, you may want to replace lupin flour with almond flour, weight for weight.

Metric kitchen scales are an inexpensive yet invaluable gadget to enable accurate measurement of ingredients. Store them upright in a cupboard or over your worktop and they'll only take up a tiny bit of space. Click HERE for the ones I use in the UK. For U.S. option click HERE.

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  1. how big is your flan pan?

  2. Elyce Bruijnes-Cobb

    I am thankful for your recipes which feature lupin flour! So much lighter/ finer than almond flour, almost half the cost of almond flour, and everything doesn’t have to end up tasting of almonds. These sound really good! If I have berries over, I freeze them. They are fine for baking or jam making. Hope your house turns out as you wish and all the inconvenience is worth it!

  3. I checked out lupin flour, never having heard of it until now. Here’s a link to an article on how dangerous lupin flour can be (just like peanuts, if one is intolerant)
    It is also a hidden and undeclared additive in many packaged foods.
    I for one would not touch it.

    • Hi Janet. Lupin has been used for centuries and is a widely used additive in many foods, as you’ve discovered. It is a well known natural food that is very commonly consumed in Italy, Greece, Spain and many other countries, where it is grown without GM or pesticides. It does come with an allergy warning, but it’s no different to a peanut allergy. In fact, even those allergic to peanuts don’t necessarily have a reaction to lupin. Unless you have a peanut allergy, lupin flour is not only perfectly safe, but also an excellent high protein, gluten free and low carb substitute to flours, with a whole range of healthy macronutrients.

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