healthy grain free dog treats


Healthy Grain-Free Dog Treats recipe. For all canine lovers who want the best for their fur babies.

NO gluten, grains, artificial colours, chemical scents, sugars, fillers, additives, preservatives, or other nasty ingredients commonly found in ‘healthy’ packaged treats.

Ever noticed your dog depositing a weird, gelatinous or streaky poo? That will be due to gut inflammation caused by the wrong ‘food’!

These biscuits are simple and easy. Taste them yourself, and be proud in the knowledge that your best friend isn’t eating industrial garbage.

Secrets of the Dog Food Industry 

Every pet store offers ‘natural’ treats amongst the myriad products on the shelves. But what does ‘natural’ really mean?

Did you know that ‘natural’ pet food mostly consists of waste matter?  Skin, hair, nails, cartilage, bone, connective tissue, vegetable waste… Even roadkill and euthanised pet remains are in the pot of those ‘natural’ ingredients, no matter if rotten and putrid!!!!!

Pretty much anything could be hidden inside those attractively-packaged, mass-produced morsels that your puppy is crazy about. They are, after all, artificially scented and flavoured to the point of being irresistible. Much like human junk-food.

If you’re keen to find out more about the secrets of the animal food industry, check out these articles:

The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food

Dirty Secrets of the Pet Food Industry

 The Pet Food Diet Deception

We all know that the food industry is driven by profits. Cheap materials + cheap labour = lower costs and maximum profits. Hence why so much foodstuff nowadays is produced in the Far East for Western markets. But at what detriment to our canine friends’ and to our own health?  No-one truly realises. Until it’s too late to reverse years of insidious health damage.

How to Make Healthy Grain-Free Dog Treats

Little Miss Isla-Blue can testify that my Healthy Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats are absolutely delicious. They’re unintentionally keto, and should be fed in addition to a dog’s species-appropriate diet high in animal protein.

They’re not oily and won’t stain, so I always have some in my pocket, ready to reward my Collie-baby when she does well.  And, because they don’t contain inflammatory ingredients, won’t upset her digestive system, which happened with every shop-bought treats she ever had.

To make them, you simply mix roasted pumpkin purée, peanut butter and coconut flour, knead to form a dough, cut out your desired shapes, and bake.

When I cannot find fresh pumpkin in the shops, canned pumpkin is an alternative, although finding a pure and natural option can be a mission. My favourite brand is America's Finest (UK), as it contains nothing but pumpkin. U.S. readers might find THIS to be a good option.

You can replace pumpkin with other vegetables of your choice. But make sure to drain them well after boiling them, and let them cool completely before mashing them, otherwise they’ll be too wet and require more flour and longer baking.

You can also replace the coconut flour with lupin, chickpea, or gram flour, if you prefer. You’ll just need to adjust the quantity, since absorbency will be different.

Shaping the biscuits is a little time consuming, but very easy and simple once you get the hang of it. I use a bone-shape plunger cookie cutter from Amazon (U.S. option HERE).

As for baking, the browner they become the dryer and crunchier they’ll be. So you could bake them a little less if your pooch prefers softer food.

When totally dry, store your Healthy Grain-Free Dog Treats in a sealed container and they will last for weeks. If you bake them softer, they will contain some moisture, so won’t last as long and you should keep them refrigerated.

Happy baking!

healthy grain free dog treats

Healthy Grain-Free Dog Treats

Simple, easy and truly healthy. Unlike the industrial garbage sold in shops under the guise of 'natural'.
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Course: Make your Own
Diet: Egg Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb
Keywords: baked dog treats, dog biscuits, dog treats, healthy dog treats, home-made
Prep Time: 40 minutes
40 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings: 1 batch



  • line oven rack(s) with non-stick parchment paper.
  • combine liquid ingredients, stir in flour, and knead until smooth.
    80 g pumpkin purée, 70 g smooth peanut butter, 50 g coconut flour
  • dust silicone mat with a little flour, spread out a piece of dough, cover with cling film, roll out to approximately 5mm thickness, and cut desired shapes - it's easier to use 1/4 dough at a time.
  • pre-heat oven to static oven130 °C static.
  • bake 35-40 mins (depending on whether you want crunchy or slightly soft treats).
  • if baking double batch, swap top/bottom racks half way through and add 10-15 mins baking time.
  • open oven door fully and leave in situ until cool.
  • store in airtight container at room temperature (fully dry), or refrigerate (if slightly soft).


Make your own Roasted Pumpkin Purèe:
Slice fresh pumpkin, remove seeds and filaments, and bake skin-down at 200°C until soft (30-40 mins). Discard skin and blitz until smooth using a food processor or blender. Divide into 80g portions and freeze. 
I use my Braun Stick Blender (U.S. option HERE). It is the only one that has truly controllable speed rather than pre-sets.
You can buy pumpkin purèe if you prefer. I've only found one brand that sells Pure Pumpkin Purèe: America's Finest (U.S. alternative HERE)
Alternative to roasting:
You could also boil the pumpkin (or other veggies) instead of roasting. Drain well and leave to cool in the colander (so residual moisture evaporates) before blitzing to a purée.
Other Flours:
You can replace coconut flour with up to 90lupin flour (U.S. option HERE), or up to 120g Chickpea/Gram flour. Exactly how much will depend on the density of your peanut butter and how much remaining moisture is in your purée.
Peanut Butter:
Of all the different brands I've tried, Whole Earth Organic Smooth Peanut Butter is my favourite because it is firmer, contains less oil and has fewer carbs. If using a different brand, scoop up only the dry part, avoiding any surface oil. If your peanut butter is quite runny/oily, you'll probably need more flour, and the biscuits might turn rancid in a short space of time due to the oil.
Weigh ingredients with scales:
Metric Kitchen Scales (UK)
Metric Kitchen Scales (U.S.)


Serving: 1batch | Calories: 657kcal | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 26.5g | Fat: 49g
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