Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats


Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats hand-made and freshly baked in the U.K. For all canine lovers who want the best for their fur babies.

NO gluten, artificial colours, chemical scents, sugars, fillers, additives, preservatives, or nasty ingredients. Just pure, unadulterated, human foods, mixed and baked to crunchy perfection.

These treats are not keto, obviously, because dogs need high protein to thrive, not fat. But they’re gluten free and low carb, as no pooch deserves to be fed inflammatory grains.

Little Miss Isla-Blue can testify that my Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats are absolutely delicious ;D

They’re not oily and won’t stain, so I always have some in my pocket, ready to reward my collie-baby when she does well.  Thanks to these, obedience and agility training has been a breeze, because she’ll do anything for them.

Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats

Secrets of the Dog Food Industry 

Every pet store offers ‘natural’ treats amongst the myriad products on the shelves. But what does ‘natural’ really mean?

Did you know that ‘natural’ pet food mostly consists of waste matter?  Skin, hair, nails, cartilage, bone, connective tissue, vegetable waste… Even roadkill and euthanised pet remains are ‘natural’ ingredients, even if rotten and putrid!!!!!

Pretty much anything could be hidden inside those attractively-packaged, mass-produced morsels that your puppy is crazy about. They are, after all, artificially scented and flavoured to the point of being irresistible.

Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats

If you’re keen to find out more about the secrets of the animal food industry, check out these articles:

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We all know that the food industry is driven by profits. Cheap materials + cheap labour = lower costs and maximum profits. Hence why so much foodstuff nowadays is produced in the Far East for Western markets. But at what detriment to our canine friends’ and to our own health?  No-one truly realises. Until it’s too late to reverse years of insidious health damage.

If you truly care, and you want a 100% natural option, made with premium ingredients, in a clean and homely kitchen, rather than a dusty (or worse!) factory in a remote part of the world, my Grain Free Artisan Dog Treats are just perfect.

Here’s my current range of crunchy, super-yummy and unquestionably healthy treats:

Crunchy Carrots & Peas

Nutty Pumpkin

Tasty Tuna

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