Recipe type: Ice Creams and Ices
Cuisine: Ketogenic. Low Carb. Sugar Free. Dairy Free. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
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Yield: 8 large
Luxury ice lollies with a fudge-like, creamy texture. Absolutely fabulous and totally keto-friendly.
  1. pour 60g almond milk in a small glass or bowl, add the gelatine and stir quickly with a fork; leave to bloom.
  2. heat remainder of almond milk together with sweeteners, salt, peanut butter and bloomed gelatine; no need to boil - you just want the peanut butter to melt; remove from heat source, stir in the vanilla, and leave aside to cool.
  3. once the mixture has cooled sufficiently and thickened, transfer it to a spouted jug (I use THIS, U.S. option HERE) and fill 8 large popsicle moulds (U.S. option HERE); insert a stick and freeze until solid (best overnight to make sure); remove the popsicles from their pockets and transfer them to a suitable container or tray before putting them back in the freezer.
  4. for the chocolate drizzle, you just need to melt chocolate and coconut oil in a heat-proof bowl over a bain-marie, and quickly drizzle over each popsicle using a small teaspoon; sprinkle a few freeze-dried raspberry pieces before the chocolate sets.
To extract the popsicles, the usual advice is to immerse the mould in hot water for a second or two, but I don’t like that, because it can thaw them out in no time. My method is to insert a knife around each popsicle whilst separating it away from its pocket, and then jiggle as I pull out. Much easier and far less messy.

For the chocolate drizzle, double the quantities if you wish to coat both sides; I only did one side, because it’s easier and I’m lazy.

The chocolate drizzle makes very little difference to the overall macronutrients. Each PLAIN popsicle would contain: Kcal 168; Fat 14g; Protein 7g; NET CARBS 2.75g.

The only way to ensure accurate measurement of ingredients is with Metric Kitchen Scales. U.S. alternative HERE.
Serving: 1 popsicle Calories: 180 Fat: 15g Net Carbs: 3g Protein: 7.5g
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