Recipe type: Bread & Crackers
Cuisine: Ketogenic. LCHF. Low Carb. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Yield: 40
Very low carb, easy and tasty. Perfectly ketogenic and delicious with dips, pâtés, or anything else you might fancy.
  1. pick out the needles of a few rosemary sprigs and chop them very finely.
  2. grate Parmesan.
  3. pre-heat oven to 175°C fan (200°C static).
  4. butter a baking tray.
  5. mix dry ingredients, half the Parmesan and half the rosemary.
  6. in a separate large bowl, whisk eggs until frothy and doubled in volume then whisk in water and EVOO.
  7. add dry ingredients to the wet ones.
  8. stir quickly and pour onto baking tray.
  9. use a wet spatula or back of a spoon to spread and level the mixture so it is very thin and uniform (you should be able to fill an area 20cm x 35cm circa).
  10. sprinkle remaining Parmesan and rosemary all over the top and bake for about 15-18 mins until brown around the edges.
  11. let it cool slightly, then lift up from tray (slide a spatula under the focaccia if a bit stuck).
  12. cut into squares or rectangles and serve.
Using a pizza cutter will make the job easier and neater.
Your focaccia will keep in an airtight container for a few days. To revive it, just put it under a medium-high grill or in a halogen oven at 200°C for 2-3 mins.

Metric kitchen scales are an inexpensive yet invaluable gadget to enable accurate measurement of ingredients. Store them upright in a cupboard or over your worktop and they'll only take up a tiny bit of space. Click HERE for the ones I use (UK Link). For U.S. option click HERE.
Serving: 1 Calories: 23 Fat: 1.6g Net Carbs: 0.35g Protein: 1.5g
Recipe by at https://queenketo.com/low-carb-rosemary-focaccia/