The Book - Clean KETO

Clean KETO – EASY Ketogenic GUIDE & Complete 14 DAY MEAL PLAN

Clean KETO – EASY Ketogenic GUIDE & Complete 14 DAY MEAL PLAN

is available for PRE-ORDER NOW

The Book - Clean KETO


Yeeessssss! It’s been a long time coming, but here it is at last. I never, ever in a million years, imagined that it would be such a difficult and long-winded project.

Quite frankly, I am more excited about resuming normal life than having my first book published.

What started 2 years ago as a vague idea to put together a downloadable 7-day keto meal plan, grew into 14 days of full meals, including recipes, photos, macros and instructions. Then came the thought of adding an introductory guide, and this also grew and grew into a comprehensive resource.

In the final 6 months I had become a 24-hours a day working machine. A Lone Ranger operating until late at night, either in the kitchen – concocting new blog recipes, or in front of my Mac, typing away with squinty eyes.

The frantic final weeks were ridiculously intense. I constantly postponed meals, I avoided going to buy food so as ‘not to waste time’ and I guzzled so much black coffee that even my beloved espresso machine couldn’t cope anymore and packed up.

But you know what? I’m really proud of my achievement. Do you want to know why?

Because I know for a fact that the vast majority of ‘authors’ out there have an array of helpers: collaborators, photographers, writers, field experts, editors and publishers. Proof? All individually and gratefully thanked in the opening or closing pages of their sleek publications.

But not me. Supernanny did this completely on her own, with ZERO assistance from anyone, except three good friends who proofread the manuscript before it was finalised (THANK YOU SO MUCH  Greg, James and Martin!!!!).

The proofreading was absolutely necessary, because the human eye-brain conversion is so incredibly smart that words are identified by skipping 60-90% of letters (I bet you didn’t realise that!). Amazing stuff indeed. But 100% UNhelpful when you desperately want to catch and  fix typographical errors and mis-spelled words. Or even errors caused by correction programmes (it’s like having gremlins in your keyboard – and why do they insist on operating even when disabled??? – so frustrating).

And do you know what else I’m proud of? The fact that I managed to teach myself how to use Scrivener, learn the intricacies of compiling to different digital book formats, force myself to resolve myriad mind-boggling technical issues in a field that’s completely alien to me, conduct research, more research, and cross-referencing. AND, remain sane all along. Yep. Well chuffed that I made it without losing my mind.

Ketohusband is happy too. He couldn’t wait for me to resume normal dessert-churning mode. The poor sod has had to put up with a tired, grumpy, boring, recluse wife for far too long. He’d better be planning a long and relaxing holiday, or there will be consequences…


Clean KETO – EASY Ketogenic GUIDE & Complete 14 DAY MEAL PLAN

is on PRE-ORDER NOW now from Amazon.

I hope you will download it, read it, and like it enough to leave a brilliant review for me (just kidding – I want your sincere comments, good or bad).

♥Thank You !!!!♥


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  1. I just found your website (very nice), I have a simple question: what is “clean” keto vs keto???

    • Hi Nathalie, eating ‘clean’ applies to any ‘diet’ where food choices involve natural products, non-GMO, organic produce and pasture-raised animal food sources. As much as possible, of course. Many people do ‘keto’ by choosing poor quality and often inflammatory foods just as long as they are low carb enough to fit their macros, but obviously it’s not a healthy way to be in ketosis.

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