the best keto low carb high fat snacks


The Best Keto Low Carb High Fat Snacks that you can carry around in your bag.the best keto low carb high fat snacks

Ketoers know perfectly well that cheese and cured meats are great for snacking, but what if you need something to add to your packed lunch, or you’re going to be on the move and need to take something to eat? Carrying cubed cheese or meat around in your bag isn’t exactly practical. It may be ok in winter, but when the weather gets hot, it isn’t safe. Of course you could always pop into a store and buy something low carb, if you’re lucky enough to find it, but it isn’t always convenient and it may not even be an option.

This little round up of my favourite, on-the-move keto snacks, might come in handy. No recipes involved. All you have to do is stick them in your bag and enjoy them while out and about. Please note that they are all available in the UK, and that I have NO affiliation with any of the companies that make them or sell them.

Here are The Best Keto Low Carb High Fat Snacks

1 –  GOLDEN PORK CRUNCH by The Real Pork Crackling Co.

It has a superb, light texture that melts in your mouth. No MSG and Gluten Free. A whole pack contains ZERO carbs and 9g fat. It is my favourite by far as it isn’t too porky, if that makes any sense. If you miss bacon flavour crisps, this is the one for you. I get mine in Sainsbury’s and it’s inexpensive.the best keto low carb high fat snacks


It tastes amazingly good, it’s 100% natural and would be my number 1 favourite if it weren’t for the carbs content and price tag. Unfortunately a pack will deliver > 5g carbs and 4g fat. Whilst this may be OK for some, 5g carbs is 1/4 of my daily carbs allowance, so it’s not  a great option for me. Shame, because this kale is truly delicious. It’s sold in Pret stores and it’s quite expensive for what you get in the pack (a miserly 15g!).the best keto low carb high fat snacks


These ultra thin sheets of seaweed are delicious, slightly fishy, and extremely light. They are described as being 100% natural, and high in vitamin B12, iodine, protein and fibre. They are sold in a bag of 3 individual packs weighing just 5g. Carbs content is great, at 0.2g per pack. The fat content is a bit low, at 1.6g each pack. I have only been able to source them in Sainsbury’s, where they have a reasonable price tag. Being so feather light and well packaged, they are easy to carry in the smallest bag, but won’t fill you up. If you want satiety you’ll need to munch on something else as well. I really like these seaweed thins, so I carry a pack in my bag all the time, next to a little pot of mixed nuts (almonds, macadamia, walnuts and pecans). Perfect on-the-go snack. The best way to eat them is to fold them first. If you pop these butterfly-thin sheets in your mouth whole, they’ll glue to your palate.the best keto low carb high fat snacks

4 – PORK CRACKLING by The Real Pork Crackling Co.

You need strong teeth for this one. It even says that on the packaging. But it’s a good choice and it’s very filling. So much so that I can never eat a whole bag. You’re looking at <0.4g carbs per pack. Additive free, MSG free, Gluten free, high in Protein and very high in Fat (39g per pack!). Can’t go wrong with this one in terms of carbs and fat, although it is slightly too porky for my liking and the ingredients list is a bit dubious. You can easily find it in all supermarkets.the best keto low carb high fat snacks

5 – BRITISH PORK CRACKLING by Marks & Spencer

Ketohusband likes this one. With just 0.2g carbs per pack, alongside 21g of fat, it’s definitely a good keto snack. I’m not keen on it, if I have to be entirely honest. Apart from it being very testing on your teeth, the ingredients list isn’t good and I normally steer clear of such products. I mean, why would you need to add wheat, sugar and dextrose to pork crackling???? Still, the macros are keto-friendly, and M&S is on every corner of the UK, so it’s easy to source. Up to you.the best keto low carb high fat snacks

6 – NUTS 

The Best Keto Low Carb High Fat Snacks could not leave nuts out. Easy to stick into a pot and carry around, they are the keto snack par excellance. In moderation. Every keto and low carb blog advocates nuts. I do too, of course, but with a caveat. You see my dear friends, as much as nuts are a super healthy food AND low carb (not all – I’ll get to that in a minute), you really need to watch HOW MANY you eat. If you’re one of those people (like munchmonster aka ketohusband) who watch TV and/or commute whilst picking nuts straight out of a bag, you WILL ingest an enormous amount of carbs before you even realise it. Save yourself from ICOS (Inadvertent Carb Overload Syndrome) and transfer a few to a small container before you sit in front of the TV or start travelling!the best keto low carb high fat snacks

The best nuts in terms of carbs and fat macros are:
WALNUTS (100g = 3.3g carbs 68g fat)
 MACADAMIA (100g = 5g carbs 76g fat)
PECANS (100g = 5.5g carbs 70g fat)
ALMONDS (100g = 7g carbs 56g fat)

Macadamia nuts are my preferred nuts. They have the highest fat content and are very satiating, on top of being the most delicious, with a buttery yet crunchy texture. I find almonds too dry and pasty, so I tend to eat them sparingly.

So here we are. The Best Keto Low Carb High Fat Snacks, in my humble opinion. Of course if you’re at home and in a snacking mood, there’s plenty you can get your teeth into. Like a whole triangle of brie (my idea of heaven!!!!) or a boiled egg, or a mozzarella, or some bacon, or salami, or …

Hungry for more snacking ideas?  Click on THIS LINK and discover 120 great options at!

Do you have a favourite keto snack that you can happily and safely carry around in your bag or pocket? What is it? Feel free to comment and let me know. I’d love to discover more options!



  1. Ian Partington

    My own favourite is Awfully Posh pork crackling. 89p a bag in Waitrose (40g). Ingredients: pork rind, Anglesey sea salt. ≤0.25g carbs per bag and absolutely delicious!

  2. What about toasted coconut flakes? 7 g. carbs and 16.6 g fiber (does that add to -9 net carbs?) and if you want fat, 67 g. / 100g in the package I can get here in the Netherlands. My grandmother used to scrape and toast it herself. Usually have a few along with nuts. Are the seaweed crisps the same as nori cut up small?

    • Hi Elyce, thank you for your comment! Coconut flakes sounds amazing. A bit too many carbs for a keto snack, but certainly a valid option for low carb. 7g carbs would be NET carbs, total carbs 23.6g. I’ve not had nori, so I couldn’t say, but I understand it’s also an algae/seaweed, so I guess the taste will be similar, just a different texture.

  3. Brilliant feature on snacks… my weakness is nuts but pork stratchings are great…!!


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