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Tag: chicken

Crunchy Cricket Chicken Nuggets & Avocado Mayo

Crunchy Cricket Chicken Nuggets & Avocado Mayo. 2g carbs and plenty of protein for these incredibly yummy and keto-friendly chicken nuggets. Check out the recipe macros… the mayo is included!!!! If you’re longing for fried chicken that doesn’t taste of Read more…

Grandma's Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth

Grandma’s Classic Italian Keto Bone Broth. The ORIGINAL and BEST SUPERFOOD. Today’s recipe is a re-discovery of a traditional recipe that has lost appeal through the years, but that we should all return to, keto or not. You‘re indeed very Read more…

Keto Moroccan Chicken with Coriander Dip

Keto Moroccan Chicken with Coriander Dip. How about a really tasty keto meal with just 3g carbs? This one is delicious and effortless. Full of North African flavour, with a touch of spice to make your taste buds sing. If you’re a Read more…

keto low carb chicken & mushroom pie

Keto Low Carb Chicken & Mushroom Pie. Simple and easy to make. Just 6.5g carbs per serving. No need to miss a good old pie if you’re following the keto lifestyle. Today I’m going to tell you how to make Read more…

asian chicken with cauliflower & broccoli purée

Asian Chicken with Cauliflower & Broccoli Purée: less than 5g carbs, delightful and super quick. Working and balancing family life, as well as eating ketogenic, isn’t always easy. My best tip for an easier life is best summed up with one word: prepping. Read more…

crispy butterflied chicken drumsticks

LCHF Crispy Butterflied Chicken Drumsticks. Sounds good. But what the heck does butterflied mean? I apologise for indecorous use of the word heck. But that’s exactly what I muttered some time ago when my Italian butcher asked me if I wanted him to Read more…

low carb spiced chinese style chicken

Low Carb Spiced Chinese Style Chicken is a healthy choice for a mouth-watering ketogenic dinner. 4g carbs per serving. There is more than one way to skin a cat (please don’t do that!). When you think of chicken you usually start imagining oven Read more…

Low carb barbequed chicken with peperonata

Low carb barbequed chicken with peperonata and avocado salsa will leave you a pleasant memory of summer as it draws to an end. Who doesn’t like a barbeque? There is something truly summer-y and holiday-y about lighting up the fuel and cooking Read more…

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