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Tag: biscuits

Keto Sugar Free Italian Canestrelli Biscuits

Keto Sugar Free Italian Canestrelli Biscuits. 1.2g net carbs each. Whether you’re a dunker or not, these exquisite faux canestrelli biscuits (cookies for my overseas friends) will get you smiling and making mmmhhhh noises as they hit your senses.   Read more…

Sugar Free Low Carb Sicilian Almond Pebbles

Sugar Free Low Carb Sicilian Almond Pebbles are a unique Italian patisserie speciality.  Pizzicotti, as they’re known in Italy, are neither cookies, nor biscuits. Or fat bombs, or truffles. These little morsels are unlike anything you’ve ever tried. The taste is reminiscent of marzipan, Read more…

Sugar Free Cookie Meringues - Nigella Merookies

Sugar Free Cookie Meringues – Nigella Merookies, is my keto version. Just 1g carbs. Flirtatious looks are entirely optional.   You may be a smitten fan of Nigella Lawson and admire her simple TV cooking. Or maybe you cannot stand Read more…

Easy Keto Sugar Free Chocolate Tiramisu

Easy Keto Sugar Free Chocolate Tiramisu – 4.6g carbs per serving. I love this lush version of Tiramisú! A heavenly mascarpone mix layered over sponge biscuits soaked in chocolate-y liquid. A delightfully indulgent, no coffee and no alcohol option.  I Read more…

Keto Sugar Free Savoiardi - Lady Finger Biscuits

Keto Sugar Free Savoiardi – Lady Finger Biscuits: 1.3g carbs each. So you’ve never heard of Savoiardi biscuits. I bet you’ve tasted them though. Savoiardi biscuits are gorgeous, dainty, light and crispy ‘fingers’ that soak up warm liquid almost immediately. Read more…

Keto Love Trio: Coffee Panna Cotta, Almond Bon-Bons, Chocolate Mousse

Keto Love Trio: Coffee Panna Cotta, Almond Bon-Bons, Chocolate Mousse: only 4g carbs for ALL THREE!!!! Make your loved one a super-happy Valentine indeed with this incredible trio of SUGAR FREE desserts. Each one is pure LCHF heaven. Loaded with good fats. No sugar whatsoever. Very, Read more…

sugar free low carb lady's kisses (baci di dama)

Sugar Free Low Carb Lady’s Kisses (Baci di Dama): delectable sandwich cookies. This delicious keto version has just 0.8g carbs in each. Italian pastries are just divine, don’t you think? If you’ve been to Italy and entered any patisserie, you’ll know exactly what I Read more…

easy sugar free italian amaretti biscuits

Easy Sugar Free Italian Amaretti Biscuits: a mouth watering ketogenic version. 1.5g carbs. Hands up who loves Italian Amaretti but realises they are chock-full of sugar and therefore bad news. Well. They ARE simply yummy and addictive. For those with Read more…

sugar free minty chocolate bites

Sugar Free Minty Chocolate Bites. 0.5g each. Make loads of these….they’ll be gone in no time!!!! I used to love Viscount biscuits. You know the ones: biscuity, chocolatey, minty. Totally yummy but oh so dangerous…once you opened a packet it Read more…

sugar free no-bake orange biscuits

Sugar free no-bake orange biscuits and a cup of tea anyone? A steaming cup of tea with a biscuit or two….the quintessentially English custom that is impossible to resist, even on a ketogenic regime. Tea is simple enough. Biscuits, on the other hand….well, Read more…

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