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Low Carb & Sugar Free Diplomat Cream Puffs

Low Carb & Sugar Free Diplomat Cream Puffs. 2g carbs each. Sounds ever so posh, doesn’t it? Too good to be true? I totally understand your scepticism. I had to pinch myself after I made them and tasted them. They Read more…

Keto Sugar Free Italian Canestrelli Biscuits

Keto Sugar Free Italian Canestrelli Biscuits. 1.2g net carbs each. Whether you’re a dunker or not, these exquisite faux canestrelli biscuits (cookies for my overseas friends) will get you smiling and making mmmhhhh noises as they hit your senses.   Read more…

Quick and Simple Keto Toad in the Hole

Quick and Simple Keto Toad in the Hole is my keto version of one of the most loved, classic British dishes.  For any overseas friends, who may be confused and  horrified at the thought of cooking toads, I need to explain. Read more…

Keto Deconstructed Salmon and Spinach En Croute

Keto Deconstructed Salmon and Spinach En Croute. <9g carbs and JUST 605 CALORIES! Have you gone mad???? I hear you ask. Why on earth are you mentioning calories ON KETO??? I hear you scream. The truth of the matter is Read more…

Keto Sugar Free Savoiardi - Lady Finger Biscuits

Keto Sugar Free Savoiardi – Lady Finger Biscuits: 1.3g carbs each. So you’ve never heard of Savoiardi biscuits. I bet you’ve tasted them though. Savoiardi biscuits are gorgeous, dainty, light and crispy ‘fingers’ that soak up warm liquid almost immediately. Read more…

make your own sugar free icing sugar

Make your Own Sugar Free Icing Sugar. 3 easy options. Lots of recipes require icing sugar, either in the batter mix or as a sprinkled topping. So what do you do if you’re following the ketogenic lifestyle? Simple. You make it Read more…

low carb keto cauliflower cheese

Low Carb Keto Cauliflower Cheese: a recipe that will make you love this vegetable again. And just 4g carbs each serving. I can guess what you’re thinking… cauliflowers again, bo-ring! I admit that following the ketogenic regime has its difficulties.  Yes, there are Read more…

low carb yorkshire puddings

Low Carb Yorkshire Puddings. Perfect every time and just 3g carbs each. It’s almost Christmas! Many of my ketogenic friends will probably still be wondering how to serve the UK’s No. 1 Christmas meal with Yorkshire puddings, knowing full well that Read more…

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