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sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins

These sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins are perfect for Mother’s Day. Actually, no. They’re perfect for every occasion.

Are you a keto mum who wants to impress her family with something extra nice for Mother’s Day? Are you looking to impress your mum on Mother’s Day with a special keto dessert that you’ve baked with love?

Either way, these sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins will be enjoyed by everyone.sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins

In my view, the secret of successful keto baking is to make it impossible for anyone – keto or not – to tell the difference between ‘standard’ high carb and sugar loaded sweet treats, and healthy, low carb, no sugar delights.

These muffins will most definitely dupe everyone into believing there is nothing healthy about them! But YOU will know otherwise!

Hazelnuts are of course the star ingredients. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, they have a wonderfully nutty and semi-sweet flavour, especially after being roasted.

For maximum healthiness and taste, you should avoid blanched or crushed hazelnuts. These ‘convenience’ nuts have been stripped out of everything including flavour. Whole, organic, natural hazelnuts are the best.  I realise they can be expensive, but hey! Mother’s Day is once a year, so save the money you’d spend on chocolates and buy good quality hazelnuts instead!sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins

I am fortunate enough to have 2 large hazelnut trees at my house in Italy. Every year they produce kilos and kilos of nuts that are extremely sweet and flavoursome. I collect them between August and October as they fall to the ground… before the dogs get to them. The Two Ronnies love crunching on them and would do it all day long if I turned a blind eye!!!!!! My 100% organic hazelnut kernels are left out in the sun – away from dogs’ reach – to dry out for a few weeks, and then get stored in a dry cupboard, ready to be shelled by me or whatever victim I happen to enrol for the job 😉

How to prepare whole, shelled hazelnuts.

If you have a supply of whole shelled hazelnuts, store them as they are until you need to use them. They will last years this way, as I discovered when I unexpectedly found some that I had collected 3 years earlier and forgot about. They were all perfectly fine.

Whenever I need some, I de-shell a bowl-full, then I pop them in my halogen oven for 5 minutes on 200ºC. You know they’re done when their heady scent fills your kitchen! Then I quickly rub them between my fingers to get as much of the bitter-ish skin off them. Some people use the tea towel method, but I find that it’s really messy and that a lot of skin remains, so I don’t waste time and just use the finger-rubbing tecnique while the nuts are still hot from the oven. Blow away the flaky skins and your hazelnuts are ready.sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins

My tip for crushing hazelnuts (or any other nuts) is to put them in a zip-lock bag and smash them up using a meat hammer or even the back of a glass. I think it’s much neater and easier than using a grinder, plus you get to see what you’re doing though the bag and you can decide how coarse or fine you want your crushed nuts.

So there you have it. Now the tedious part is over, you can get on with making muffins.sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins

Ingredients for sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins.

For my recipe you’ll need: mascarpone, erythritol, stevia, eggs, lupin flour, melted butter, sugar free chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla paste, baking powder and hazelnut oil (optional, but recommended). And a little sugar free icing sugar (optional).

WARNING: if you’re allergic to peanuts, be careful with lupin flour, as it can cause a similar allergic reaction. If so, you can replace lupin flour with almond flour and the result should be close enough (but I have not tested it).

The method is super simple. My favourite. You know the one. Everything in one bowl. Mix. Bake. Job done.


sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins
Recipe type: Sweet Bites
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Perfect for every occasion, but especially ideal for Mother's Day, these lovely sugar free low carb hazelnut muffins will win everyone's hearts.
  1. roast hazelnuts or place them in a halogen oven at 200ºC for 5 minutes; then remove skin and allow to cool down.
  2. reserve 14 whole hazelnuts and crush the rest (it's easy if you use a zip lock bag and meat hammer); set aside.
  3. melt butter and set aside.
  4. mix mascarpone with erythritol and stevia, then add eggs one at a time, blending with a hand whisk.
  5. whisk in melted butter and vanilla paste.
  6. add lupin flour and sifted baking powder, whisking to a smooth consistency.
  7. add crushed hazelnuts and mix with a spatula.
  8. pre-heat oven to 160ºC fan (175ºC static).
  9. melt chocolate and hazelnut oil in the microwave on low setting.
  10. pour chocolate into mascarpone batter and swirl in (DO NOT OVER MIX).
  11. spoon batter into 14 muffin silicone moulds (if using tin moulds make sure you butter them first) and place one whole hazelnut on top.
  12. bake for 20-25 minutes until brown.
  13. allow to cool before sprinkling a little icing sugar.

Your feedback is important to me! Please leave a comment below. If you make this recipe share a photo with the hashtag #queenketo. Thank you! 🙂 

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