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sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

These sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds are so yummy and moreish they will disappear in a flash.

Spring time is officially here. Finally! Longer days, sunshine, flowers, birds chirping happily… The best time of year for me, because soon I will be going back to Italy to spend a few months in the sunshine, cooking with my own-grown produce and savouring the many delights sprouting naturally around me. As I do every year. Sheer bliss. So what better way to celebrate Spring than with sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds, shaped like pretty daisies?sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

Wanna know how they came to life?

 I was craving chocolate on Mother’s Day and knew no-one would buy me any because of my keto lifestyle…you know…few carbs, zero sugar…no ‘normal’ treats. So I thought ”What the heck? I’ll make my own keto chocolates, thank you very much!”  Some pretty silicone moulds were looking neglected from not ever having been used since they were bought, washed and put in the baking gadgets cupboard. As good a reason as any to make chocolates – I thought to myself – in an attempt to justify making such indulgent treats. But really, deep down I wanted to show off to non-keto family members and prove that  ketogenic doesn’t have to mean denial and doesn’t have to be tastless or weird. It didn’t take much self convincing.

So what happened next is pretty straight forward. Before my keto awakening I couldn’t get enough of Green & Black’s chocolate with almonds. Why not try and achieve something similar? There was sugar free chocolate in the fridge. There were organic almonds aplenty in the cupboard. I had an idea in my head and no shopping trip required. Great!

Did I follow a recipe? Nope! Did I know what I was doing? Nope! Did I take a chance and follow my instincts? Absolutely! Did my sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds turn out OK? Definitely!sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

Delicious sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds in less than 15 minutes.

To be honest, even though the result of my little impromptu project turned out far better than I’d imagined, I hadn’t intended to post the recipe because I felt it was too simple. That said, I’ve now had to oblige due the sheer number of requests for it. Absolutely everyone who tried these chocolates wanted more and couldn’t stop saying how nice they were. The next batch I made was an identical success. I came to the conclusion that it would have been rude not to publish it, so here is my recipe in all its glorious simplicity.

I used Chocologic sugar free dark chocolate, Chocologic sugar free milk chocolate, organic almonds and a little organic hazelnut oil. That’s it. Told you it was simple.sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

As for the daisy silicone moulds, I got mine in The Range. I absolutely love them and I love the fact they come with reusable plastic ‘stems’ so you can hold them like lollipops. I also used smaller, rounded silicone moulds to mimic ‘pots’ for my daisies. They were bought in a local store in Italy.  Can’t get the same ones? No worries. Any mould shape will do as long as it’s intended for chocolate, otherwise you’ll end up with monster size chocolates. Silicone isn’t necessary either, but it makes the job of popping the set chocolates out soooo much easier!!!sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

 At this point you’re likely to question why I bothered to make chocolates if I already had a supply of sugar free ready-to-eat chocolate at my disposal. Well, two reasons. Firstly, I wanted something gift-like and suitable for a special occasion. Secondly, sugar free chocolate tastes naff. It’s fine mixed with other ingredients. It’s fine in baking. Not nice on its own. And I don’t believe it’s down to brand, ’cause I feel the same about the sugar free chocolate I buy in Italy, which is a totally different brand with totally different ingredients to the Chocologic. I guess one could say that I wanted to obtain good chocolates out of not-so good chocolate. Mmmhhh. Sounds a bit weird, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

All about carbs.

Your next question is probably whether the carbs content of these chocolates is prohibitive.  So let me assure you that, unless you binge on the whole lot you, will be able to remain within your keto parameters.  All chocolate has different values, so, providing you stick to Chocologic (I buy mine in Tesco’s), you will obtain approximately 265g of chocolates containing 32g carbs in total. As long as the moulds you employ aren’t oversized, this will yield approximately 30 chocolates at just over 1g carb each. It goes without saying that you don’t have to use Chocologic, but if you use something else, do remember to work out the carbs. You need to know the carb count per chocolate you produce so you can control yourself and not eat too many! It’s easy to overdo it when you have something this good at your finger tips!sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds

So there you have it. Sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds. Wickedly indulgent but healthy. A really, really, simple way to transform mediocre chocolate into something delightful and unique, quickly and with the minimum of fuss. They make a perfect gift for anyone following the ketogenic way of life…but you may want to make double the amount and keep some for yourself…


sugar free low carb chocolates with roasted almonds
Recipe type: Sweet Bites
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Wickedly indulgent but healthy, sugar free, low carb, grain free, gluten free chocolates. In under 15 minutes and with minimal effort you can prepare a special gift for someone or some treats for yourself and your family.
  1. pre-heat oven to 200ºC fan or 220ºC static (no need if you use a halogen oven).
  2. place almonds on a baking tray and roast for 6-7 minutes (until fragrant).
  3. let almonds cool down then put them in a zip bag or similar and bash them with a meat hammer so they are evenly crushed (one bash each will do, you don't want to turn them to fine crumbs).
  4. in a microwave proof bowl, brake chocolate and add hazelnut oil.
  5. microwave for a few minutes on very low setting, stopping and stirring often to ensure you don't overdo it and burn the chocolate (you can melt it in a bain-marie if you prefer).
  6. add almonds and stir well before pouring into your moulds.
  7. place in freezer for a few minutes until set; then remove chocolates from moulds and enjoy.
If using silicone moulds, make sure you place a rigid mat underneath them, to help you carry them to the freezer without accidents.
Pour the almonds-chocolate mix into moulds using an ordinary teaspoon, it will be much easier than if you try and pour from a spouted jug.

Your feedback is important to me! Please leave a comment below. If you make this recipe, share a photo of the result on social media with the hashtag #queenketo. Thank you! 🙂

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