Why a keto food blog?

I baked my first cake when I was 6 years old.

Creating great food has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always had a particular fondness for Italian cuisine, healthy, natural and unadulterated food.

After switching to a ketogenic lifestyle, I found myself challenged in lots of ways. Having to adjust to a different way of cooking was not easy. Creating interesting choices and plenty of variety for myself and my family was not easy. Giving up bread, pasta and rice was not easy.

Many trials, countless disasters and myriad modifications later, I am now fairly comfortable with creating low carb high fat meals and sugar free concoctions that are delectable yet uncomplicated.

Every failure has made me more determined. Every success has made me a bit more maverick in the kitchen. Antya Markin (queenketo.com)

This blog is a celebration of my discoveries. Some of these were completely made up. Others were inspired by my own heritage, cookery books and amazing food bloggers.

My main aim is to share my cooking adventures and recipes so as to help low-carbers with more meal choices. I am also hoping that my infectious enthusiasm will encourage not-yet-keto readers to make the switch as I did, and embrace the ketogenic way of life.

If a carb-aholic, sugar-addict like me could do it, so can you!!!

N.B. My passion for healthy, natural, GM free produce, is always reflected in my choice of ingredients. I will never endorse any product that I have not tested and that I’m not happy with. The shopping links provided throughout my blog are for difficult to source quality items, or for items that are priced more competitively than elsewhere. I have an affiliation with Amazon.co.uk because it is where I find the vast majority of ingredients, utensils and gadgets I need and use in my daily kitchen adventures. 


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