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You’re welcome to contact me by email if:

  • You’re a READER and you have a question or comment about my blog in general. Otherwise, please leave a comment under the recipe that you’re referring to.
  • You want to WORK WITH ME. I am open to affiliation, providing goods and services do not contrast my blog’s ethos. I am also happy to collaborate in providing product reviews and recommendations from personal experience.

Please send your enquiries to: admin(at)queenketo(dot)com

11 comments on “Contact


Tried to make a Moussaka using coconut flour instead of ordinary flour. Was reallllly average!
Coconut doesn’t really go with Moussaka.
Would you recommend Lupin flour.
Everything else is ideal for this diet I think


Hi Ron, if you mean for a besciamel (white) sauce, then yes I would try lupin flour. Coconut flour is way to drying and almond flour is too nutty and sweet. Lupin flour won’t thicken a thin liquid very well, so use double cream or coconut cream, as well as a bit of arrowroot (high in carbs – use sparingly) and guar gum.


I will try Lupin flour with double cream and miss out the high carb arrowroot.
Will let u know how things turn out.


Hi Antya, I’ve just stumbled across your recipes and I’m very excited! I’m curious to know why you combine the 2 sweeteners in a lot of your recipes? Could these work using just the stevia?


Hello Sonia. The sweeteners I use are the most natural and best tolerated. They also have zero impact on blood glucose circulation. You can certainly use them individually, many people do just that. The reason I combine them is two-fold. Firstly, erythritol leaves a cooling effect on the tongue, whilst stevia can leave a bitter after taste. These effects appear to be dose dependent. Combining erythritol and stevia seems to cancel each other’s effect, probably because of a lesser amount being used, or because they work synergistically. Secondly, using less erythritol then would be required to achieve a certain level of sweetness (by compensating with stevia) prevents any possible gastric issues (gas, bloating, etc.) which are common with polyols. You may find that many stevia products on sale today are, in fact, not pure stevia but a combination of erythritol and stevia.


Hi Antya! Thank you for the like on Instagram @Pavijm84. I am currently working with Beachbody as a coach. Your recipes are so great and I look forward to incorporating them in my journey to wellness. I am really new to this coaching thing but you seem to have inspired many people to look to Keto. I hope to eventually do the same even if it is just letting people know they’re not alone in their struggles. Thank you again.


Thank you for the lovely comment!

David A

Hi Antya,

I stumbled upon your website by chance last week, and am glad I did. There are a handful of people in the US with websites catering to keto recipes. Some good, but most are shallow. They all seems to use the same ingredients which is understandable, but when I saw you use lupine flour I had to try. Well, you have hit it out of the park. Your pizza dough recipe is second to none!!!! Period. Those recipes I have tried of yours are right on and I look forward to trying others.

I’m writing simply to ask if you know of any other websites/blog sites in Europe that you might refer me to that you think are worthy. Otherwise, I look forward to trying those recipes that appeal to me as do I look forward to your emails with new recipes. I give you a lot of credit for persevering and taking the time and effort to experiment and get it right. You must have a lot of patience. Thank you for what you do.

David 😇🎈


Hello David! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Seeing my work being appreciated is the ultimate satisfaction for me. I say that in the most genuine way.
You see, I do everything by myself – no help or input from anyone. I spend a lot of time and effort testing, making and photographing food, not to mention writing and maintaining the blog with all its search engines intricacies and google requirements. Then there’s all the money it costs to have my site space, security, add ons and all the organic and specialist ingredients I cook with. The tiny commission I receive from amazon links pales in comparison to my ongoing costs. But as I’m not a commercial site, I don’t care. What matters to me is knowing that I make a difference to people’s eating habits and health. So a huge thank you, again.
As for other European sites, I’ve had a look for you, as I don’t network as such (maybe I should), but I’m afraid I’ve not been able to find anything other than ketodietapp.com, which is very commercial, but great in terms of keto/paleo resources and recipes (none of which I’ve tested, by the way, so I cannot personally recommend).
If I can be of any help in your keto journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll do everything I can. Best wishes and much love.


Which online store you recommend to get organic sweet lupin flour from? Thanks


Hi. My favourite organic brand is from a Luxembourg based on-line company (https://www.santi-shop.eu/en/p1685-Lupin-flour-organic-Markal.html). You get 5% off the the order if you quote my client/sponsor N. 29668 and my email address antya(at)queenketo(dot)com when you get to cart/checkout level. It is very good value for money, but best to buy a few packs, just under the total weight for the relevant shipment. Alternatively, amazon.co.uk sell a good quality organic product, but more expensive (http://amzn.to/2uYpyBQ) and so does Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/2w8kUoY).


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