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Month: May 2016

sugar free mulberry sweets-candies

Sugar Free Mulberry Sweets-Candies with just ONE INGREDIENT: 5.5g carbs per serving. Yep! You only need ONE ingredient to make these delicious sugar free mulberry sweets-candies. Nothing else. Nada. Rien. Niente. Not even any special equipment or difficult process. I simply use Read more…

sugar free queenketo ice mountain

Sugar Free Queenketo Ice Mountain: looks complicated but it’s actually quite simple. Totally indulgent, yet just 4g carbs per serving! Patience is all you need, because the Sugar Free Queenketo Ice Mountain needs refrigerating in order to set properly, preferably overnight. Read more…

crispy butterflied chicken drumsticks

LCHF Crispy Butterflied Chicken Drumsticks. Sounds good. But what the heck does butterflied mean? I apologise for indecorous use of the word heck. But that’s exactly what I muttered some time ago when my Italian butcher asked me if I wanted him to Read more…

easy keto zucchini and radicchio bake 5

Easy keto zucchini and radicchio bake: low carb, grain free, gluten free, ketogenic and paleo. A little bit of guesswork, a little bit of creativity, some every-day ingredients and you can make something different and exciting. Initially designed for 4 Read more…

mascarpone & chocolate chip muffins with strawberry icing

Mascarpone & Chocolate Chip Muffins with Strawberry Icing are really simple but delicious. 2g carbs each. They are actually very good on their own, so you can leave the strawberry icing if you want to. I just thought I should make an Read more…

low carb black bean spaghetti with creamed asparagus

Low carb black bean spaghetti with creamed asparagus: never mind zoodles! Try this and you’ll ditch the zucchini for a while. Zucchini, more commonly called courgettes in the UK, are a diet staple for everyone belonging to the keto club. Read more…

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