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Month: November 2015

low carb braised lamb with butter courgettes

Low Carb Braised Lamb with Butter Courgettes is a meal that’s full of flavour and extremely easy to make. Braising meat is something I absolutely adore. It takes literally minutes of involvement and then you can leave the meat to simmer Read more…

low carb keto rosemary crackers

Low Carb Keto Rosemary Crackers with no egg in sight!  By now you will know that my love for bread is always simmering in the background. Although I have learned to do without, there are times when bread is a must. For me at least. Read more…

Low carb barbequed chicken with peperonata

Low carb barbequed chicken with peperonata and avocado salsa will leave you a pleasant memory of summer as it draws to an end. Who doesn’t like a barbeque? There is something truly summer-y and holiday-y about lighting up the fuel and cooking Read more…

low carb octopus and celery salad

Low Carb Octopus and Celery Salad is an Italian Classic starter dish that is super tasty yet simplicity in itself! I made a short trip to my fishmonger’s this morning not really knowing what I was going to buy. I just Read more…

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