low carb keto stuffed eggs

This low carb keto stuffed eggs recipe is perfect as a starter. Read on if you’re bored of eating eggs the same way and you want to make something that is both delicious and easy. Today I bring you stuffed eggs with a difference. Simple to make, very tasty, full of good fats and zero carbs (providing your mayonnaise is sugar free and carb free like the one I use). It is, yet again, an old Italian recipe my mum used to make on special occasions.  I’ve been making it for decades. Continue reading LOW CARB KETO STUFFED EGGS


low-carb chickpea pasta with mushrooms

These low carb REAL PASTA ribbons with creamed mushrooms will take away the pasta cravings you’ve had since going ‘keto’. About a year ago, my daughter lost an enormous amount of weight, after having failed miserably through a variety of ‘diets’. I was immensely proud and happy that she had finally lost those extra kilos that had worried me for ages. Of course the first thing I asked was how she managed it. She explained that it was called the ketogenic diet and a bit like Atkins but without the excess proteins. Oh, and she Continue reading LOW CARB PASTA WITH CREAMED MUSHROOMS


low carb seafood with courgette linguine

Low carb seafood linguine uses zoodles, or thin courgette (zucchini) strands, instead of linguine pasta. Courgettes accompany seafood amazingly well by adding additional flavour without overpowering notes. For me, however, a seafood main course is a meal for special occasions. Read on and you will discover my reservations about eating creatures that live at the bottom of the sea… You can easily and quickly create linguine from the courgettes by using a simple julienne peeler, which is a peeler that has a toothed blade. No need for fancy tools like spiral machines. Continue reading LOW CARB SEAFOOD LINGUINE


sugar free fiordilatte gelato ice cream

How to make simple, delicious and sugar free fiordilatte gelato ice cream the Italian way. Although summer is well and truly over back in blighty, here in Italy it is still warm and sunny most days. Ice cream is the only type of dessert that I enjoy all year round and can never get sick of. But it is most satisfying when the sun is shining and the sky is blue like today. Italian gelato culture In Italy, ice cream is a widespread culture for all ages. Italians love to gather around ice cream parlours (gelateria) to chat and Continue reading SUGAR FREE FIORDILATTE GELATO ICE CREAM


low carb ricotta gnocchi

A melt-in-the-mouth, tasty and low carb version of the traditional recipe. I love Italian food sooooo much. Bread. Pasta. Polenta. Semolina. Pizza. Gnocchi. Makes me drool just thinking about them all. But ketogenic life is prohibitive when it comes to many traditional Italian dishes because they are often based on what Italians themselves call ‘cucina povera’, i.e. ‘poor cuisine’, so termed because their main ingredient is grains, and in historical times of hardship grains were the only cheap food available to everyone. So how does one cope with staying in ketosis AND indulge in Italian Continue reading LOW CARB RICOTTA GNOCCHI


sugar free chocolate chia biscuits

How to make delicious sugar free chocolate chia biscuits that are also low carb and easy. Ever since I was a child I’ve had a sweet tooth. I don’t think I have ever gone more than 2 days without some biscuits, a pastry, chocolate or cake. So it was inevitable that, after switching to a keto lifestyle, I would simply bake my own treats minus the carbs from flour and sugar. These sugar free chia biscuits actually came about because I fancied biscuits but I had no eggs. Admitting to a fair amount of laziness, rather Continue reading SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE CHIA BISCUITS


low carb cannabis pancake provola prosciutto

You won’t get a ‘high’ from this low carb cannabis flour pancake topped with provola cheese and Italian raw prosciutto, but you will be highly impressed by the texture and taste. Hold on a minute! Pancake is OK. Provola is OK. Prosciutto is OK. But Cannabis flour? Really? Isn’t it illegal? Yes, Cannabis. Really. And no, it’s NOT illegal. Cannabis flour, aka Hemp flour, contains virtually no THC. It is the THC element – a cannabinoid – that makes you ‘high’. THC is what makes Marijuana a recreational and medicinal ‘drug’. Hemp, on the other hand, is an Continue reading LOW CARB CANNABIS FLOUR PANCAKE


sugar free vanilla extract

Make your own sugar free vanilla extract: as easy as child’s play. Oh boy. Vanilla extract. Sugar free. Homemade. Heaven! Who doesn’t love the aroma and flavouring that vanilla infuses into food and drink? Not to mention the scent it gives to creams, lotion, perfumes, car fresheners, candles, herbal oils and so on. There is something about this sweet smell that just makes you feel gooey soft and satisfied. In use for centuries, it is well known that the sweet fragrance is aphrodisiac and calming, while the vanillin contained in the pods has antibactirial, Continue reading MAKE YOUR OWN SUGAR FREE VANILLA EXTRACT


sugar free chocolate vanilla marble cheesecake

How to make a mouth watering chocolate and vanilla cheesecake that is both sugar free and low carb. It started as a craving for either chocolate or vanilla cheesecake, but without any real idea how to go about making the crumbly biscuit part that makes up a traditional cheesecake base. Oh yes, I had made cheesecakes many times in the past, but only in the days of carbs and sugar madness, so this was going to be a challenge. No biscuits required for this sugar free version of my tried and tested version of Continue reading SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE VANILLA CHEESECAKE